Team Husqvarna is quickly ramping up their off-road racing vision and the hiring of Timmy Weigand, a former motocrosser, Baja star and ISDE pilot to run their team shows their serious side. Here’s a 5 MINUTES with Timmy talking about his new position.


First off, give us a little history about your racing career

I raced dirt bikes professionally for 14 years. I didn’t start out as most typical motocross athletes do. I started racing when I was 18 years old after a short stint playing college baseball at Cal State Northridge. I traveled the motocross circuit from 2002-2005 as a privateer. I had some success at both motocross and Supercross finishing inside the top 20 most every weekend mixing in a few top 10’s. In 06 and 07 I raced in Australia for the Factory KTM and Suzuki teams. When I returned home, my off-road career began.   I really enjoyed this new circuit of racing and found some success in it. I earned 2 ISDE gold medals, a Western Hare Scrambles Championship, 3 district championships, 3 Baja 1000 wins with 4 overall Baja Championships.

Tell us about how you got the call and what your job title as Race Team Manager entails at Husky?

Every racer gets to a point in his career when he has to consider what comes next. For me, I’ve always wanted to be a team manager. It drew on some of my experience as a privateer; lining up sponsors, following a strict budget, and overcoming challenges. Similarly, I knew I wanted to line myself up with a good group of people that had a similar passion for winning. After a few discussions with the team at Husqvarna, I was excited at the opportunity to jump on board. My job has many responsibilities. I am responsible for everything Husqvarna Off-Road Racing. It’s more work than I ever imagined. I’m really enjoying the challenge.

Who’s riding for you and which series will be you main focus?

As of today our returning riders are Mike Brown and Andrew Delong. We are still waiting to finalize the rest of our rider line up. Our main focus will be four series; GNCC, Endurocross, National Enduro, and National Hare and Hound.

Have your ridden/raced with any of your team?

Our racing community is small. When you race for as long as I have, in a variety of disciplines, it feels like I have lined up with most of the riders out there. My team members included.

Do you think it’ll be a little weird racing, since your toughest competition will come from the parent company (KTM)?

I don’t think it will be weird racing against KTM. Of course, KTM is our parent company. However Husqvarna is its own unique brand.   We are separate entities. At Husqvarna we have our own goals and visions. At the end of the day we want to win and continue the tradition that Husqvarna started in 1903.

Will Husky surround themselves with different suspension and motor techs (from KTM) and will the team sponsors be unique to the brand? (ala FMF, Rekluse for KTM)

We will have our own in house suspension and motor tech dedicated to the Husqvarna race team. We will be focused on tailoring the bike to our riders needs giving them the best shot at winning races. We will have some new exciting sponsors unique to Husqvarna. Of course there will be some crossover sponsors. Ultimately we want to line ourselves up with great partners who give us the best shot at winning races.

Have you personally had a chance to ride a Husky, and if so which machine do you like?

I have had a chance to go out and ride both the Husqvarna FC450 and FC350. They are both great bikes. I really enjoyed the FC350. I think it complements my riding style best.

Any chance that we’ll see you racing in the near future?

I might pop up at a race here or there. I would like to race Mammoth if the schedule permits. Of course, my priority is the team, so I suppose it all depends on how the year goes.


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