47th Annual Virginia City Grand Prix

By John Bumgarner
The start (right in down town Virginia City!) is in rows and last years winner Ty Tremaine carries the #1 and grabbed the holey from the inside.

For 2018 Mother Nature threw everything she had at the racers over the two days of the 47th Annual Virginia City Grand Prix. Saturday was warm with high winds while Sunday started calm with a threat of rain, light snow and chili temps. In Saturdays Pro race the course itself turned out to be the deciding factor. 26 miles of rocky roads and single-track trail linked by a long 2-3-mile pavement section. Last year’s winner, Ty Termaine was feeling confident on the start and completed the first lap with a 5-minute lead, making it look like a repeat year. Ross Neely and Ryan Smith were pushing hard after starting 2 rows back. After completing a total of five laps Termaine was the first to cross the finish line with Neely and Smith close behind. The clock was checked to see who finished first based on adjusted time and it was Ross Neely taking the win by a scant 25 seconds. Smith was just 33 seconds off the winning time. Turned out that Termaine had been missing a split section which added a minute to each lap which ultimately cost him the win.

Several of the eager competitors were a little rambunctious with the throttle on the pavement.


American motocross hero Brad Lackey showed up for the race and when asked if he was racing his response was “Do I look insane?”


The third row featured the eventual winner #37 Ross Neely and third place finisher #32 Ryan Smith.


Ty Tremaine had the physical lead from start to finish, but was 25 seconds off the pace set by Neely.



Ross Neely and his 450 Yamaha took home the cash class at the 47th Annual Virginia City Grand Prix.


Nice meat eh? This is Neely’s rear tire after 4 plus hours of Nevada desert abuse.


1 (37) Ross Neely    Chico, CA YAM 5 04:32:01.283
2 (1) Ty Termaine      Gardnerville, NV HSQ 5 04:32:26.653
3 (32) Ryan Smith     Pinon Hills, CA HSQ 5 04:32:34.343
4 (23) JT Baker      Shingle Springs, CAHSQ 5 04:39:36.317
5 (12) Sean Berryman    Reno, NV HSQ 5 04:45:03.298
6 (31) Ryan Wells           Peoria, AZ KTM 5 04:45:58.000
7 (21) Drew Chattin      Sparks, NV HSQ 5 04:52:07.000
8 (22) Calum Campbell     Carmichael, CA KTM 5 04:52:20.000
9 (5) Sean Jones     Spanish Springs, NVKTM 5 04:53:10.000
10 (3) Connor Nejedly     Walnut Creek, CA HSQ 5 04:55:40.000

And no, he did not go on to victory…

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