At round one a couple weeks ago, we saw the old Ken Roczen we were hoping we would see again this Summer, starting the day out as the fastest qualifier and then scoring 1-2 in the motos, giving himself the points lead. At round two at Fox Raceway last weekend, Roczen, again, got out front in the first moto on his way to what looked like another moto victory, but a hard charging Eli Tomac stripped any hopes of Ken or anybody else securing the overall win by going a perfect 1-1, which then gave the defending champ Tomac the red plate back going into round three today. Things reversed once again, after a bad start and broken goggles kept Eli back in fifth in moto one. This allowed for Roczen to rebound again, taking the moto victory. Tomac came back and won the second moto, but Roczen’s 1-2 moto scores were better than a 5-1, giving Kenny the overall and bringing the red plate back to the Honda pits once again. Here’s how the points stand after three rounds of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. (For extended coverage of the 2019 Thunder Valley National MX, click here)

450 Points After Three Rounds

1 Ken Roczen 136
2 Eli Tomac 134
3 Zach Osborne 110
4 Marvin Musquin 107
5 Jason Anderson 106
6 Cooper Webb 98
7 Justin Barcia 77
8 Dean Ferris 69
9 Justin Bogle 63
10 Blake Baggett 61
11 Cole Seely 59
12 Justin Hill 51
14 Todd Waters 46
13 Fredrik Noren 46
15 Jake Masterpool 31
16 Ben LaMay 27
17 Dylan Merriam 18
18 Lorenzo Locurcio 16
19 Tyler Bowers 14
20 Toshiki Tomita 13
22 Henry Miller 11
21 Taiki Koga 11
23 Cody Cooper 6
24 John Short 5
25 Erki Kahro 5
26 Mathias Jorgensen 3
27 Dare DeMartile 2
28 Brandan Leith 1

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