Dirt biking is a great outdoor activity for those who love speed and a rush of adrenaline, but it can be expensive and take a lot of preparation. Every biker will have their own set of equipment that they bring with them whenever they hit the tracks. These tools and accessories are designed to make your life easier, and your experience more enjoyable, but there are some tools that are more useful than others. If you haven’t updated your equipment list in a while, here are three things you can add that will be a big upgrade to what you currently use.


Your dirt bike will likely incur some wear and tear, especially if you use it often, which means you will inevitably need to do some on-site maintenance. The last thing you want is to have to lug around a huge, heavy toolbox. While you may be able to store it in your truck, you may not be able to get to it easily if your bike breaks down.

 You can get small, light and compact toolkits specially made for dirt bikes. They’ll have all the essential tools for making quick repairs on the go, but you can also add or subtract from it according to what you use the most. The key is to have smaller, lighter tools, plus as many multi-use tools as possible

CBD Capsules

Aches, pains and inflammation to your muscles and joints are the norm for anyone who spends a long day biking through a bumpy trail. Falls and crashes are commonplace, and even if you avoid that your body still goes through a lot. This is why you can use CBD capsules. You can bring a small bottle with your first aid kit so it doesn’t take up too much space. CBD is a supplement that has been found to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, and the effects can last as long as six hours. You can take them at the start or in the middle of your day so you aren’t distracted by any aches or soreness.

Hydration Pack

You’re going to drink a lot of water when you have a full day of dirt biking ahead of you. Unfortunately, carrying too much water with you can be heavy and inconvenient. Traditional water bottles are bulky, and not exactly the easiest to attach to your bike or yourself in a way that is secure and safe. This is why you should look into hydration packs. They’re compact, easy to carry, and simple to use, since they’re completely hands-free. It’s much easier and safer than a hard water bottle.

 Compact toolkits, CBD capsules and hydration packs are three great accessories to add to your dirt bike kit. They’ll save you a lot of time, money and convenience when it comes to carrying them with you on your days at the tracks. There is also a lot of variety in the types you can buy for all three, so you can find and bring what you like the most.

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