The 2024 Beta 200RR is one of the only true 200 two-strokes available in the U.S. In 2019, the guys at Beta started with the then-new 125RR, punched it out to 190cc and added electric start with oil-injection. It has a ball-ramp-driven power valve and a map switch, which is located right in front of the fuel-tank filler.  The six-speed gearbox is identical to the 125’s but with much taller final gearing. There’s no kickstarter, but there’s still a place to put one. The chassis is similar but not identical to the one for the 250RR and the 300RR. It’s just a little smaller in a few dimensions. The weight without fuel comes in at 223 pounds. The fork is an open-cartridge Sachs, which is held in place by a CNC-machined triple clamp. The rear shock is also made by Sachs and has linkage connecting it to the swingarm. The brakes are Nissin and the tires are Maxxis. Join us as we get to know the 200 on some tight So Cal trails.

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