Tyler Nicholson and RJ Warda have been making a habit of winning the Glen Helen endurance races, and they did it again at the 2024 3 Bros 6-Hours of Glen Helen. They can now put that trophy right next to the ones from last year’s 24-hour and 6-Hour. This time they were pressured through the race by the KTM team of Ryan Surratt, Justin Carnes and Zach Wiley. Third place overall went to the Dirt Bike Magazine team of Mark Tilley and his 14-year-old son Jacob, who won the family Class from the third row. Fourth overall went to the Stoney Sock team of Carson Tryon, Travis LaValley and Ian Burke on a 125 Husky. They won the 250 Expert class.

Ryan Surratt got the holeshot from the AA line.

There were no less than 55 riders in the Ironman division. That made for a very crowded line, but that wasn’t an issue for Fly Racing’s Gary Sutherlin, who pulled a monster holeshot from the last row. He led every lap and actually finished on the same lap as the overall winners to take seventh overall. Marshall Stewart, Jon Rice and Jacob Patridge all finished with one less lap than Sutherlin to take second, third and fourth in what was the most competitive Ironman division ever. For full results, go to Glenhelen.com.

Jacob Tilley rode with his dad Mark to win the Family class and finish third overall.
Carson Tryon’s Stony Sock Team was fourth overall on a Husky 125.
Gary Sutherlin was seventh overall and first Ironman.
Joe Hargett was 12th ironman on an electric Surron Ultra Bee. He swapped batteries every two laps.


Jon Rice was third in the Ironman class on a Dirt Bike Magazine test bike.
The top mini team had Jeron Kunzweiler and Piper Carver.
The team of Luis Flores won the Open Intermediate class.
He didn’t finish, but Myron White got style points for riding his 30-year old KTM 550 in the Ironman class.
Jett Bushnell was one of the youngest riders in the Ironman class.

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