SWM has come back to life for the 2023 model year. Like many others, the Italian manufacturer was impacted heavily by the Covid-19 pandemic, but now the company is back on track with new bikes in the pipeline. The first models to come ashore in the U.S. will be the new RE off-road bikes. In the past, SWM specialized in dual-sport machines exclusively for the U.S. market. Now, there will be dedicated off-road bikes based on the same platforms: a 500cc four-stroke and a 300cc four-stroke. Both will have competition off-road mapping and equipment. Dual-sport models will be along later in the year, as the company awaits certification. SWM’s products roll out of the same Italian factory that once produced Husqvarna. The bikes are evolutions of the four-strokes that once carried that name, prior to the Pierer mobility takeover of 2013.

2023 SWM RE500R


RS300 (Dual Sport) $8,299

RE300 (Enduro) $7,899

RE500 (Enduro) $8,299

SM500R (Comp) $8,999

Coming Fall of 2022 as 2023 Models***

RS500 (Dual Sport) $8,799

Six Days 500 $5,999

2023 SWM RS300R

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