The second day of racing headlined Wednesday’s action at the 2023 Monster Energy AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, presented by AMSOIL, as the gate dropped on 22 more motos. Racing got underway in the morning to complete the remaining opening motos from the 36 classes of competition before the afternoon gave way to the start of second motos. The competition was fierce, and several riders made additional statements after an already strong start to the week.

Moto 1: 250 Pro Sport
After a dominant performance in Open Pro Sport on Tuesday, Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing rider Daxton Bennick had earned the attention of onlookers as the 250 Pro Sport field lined up for the first time. However, Bennick would no doubt face challenges from the likes of KTM Orange Brigade’s Julien Beaumer, GASGAS riders Evan Ferry and Mark Fineis, Rock River Yamaha’s Avery Long, and NSA Yamaha Amateur Factory Team rider Gavin Towers.

Out the gate it was Towers who led the field through the first turn aboard his Yamaha with the STACYC Holeshot. He held the top spot briefly but was soon overcome by Beaumer before the completion of the opening lap. Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX Yamaha’s Trevin Nelson slotted into third ahead of Yamaha rider Brad West, while Ferry completed the top five. Bennick was several spots back deep in the top 10, while Fineis was just outside the top 10.

The clear track allowed Beaumer to build a multi-second advantage over Towers, who in turn distanced himself from the rest of the field. As the lead duo asserted themselves out front, the jockeying for third started to unfold as Nelson, West, and Ferry battled it out. Both West and Ferry were able to get by Nelson and each rider held onto the third spot for a brief period, but Fineis was on a torrid charge through the field. After he methodically improved one position each of the opening laps, he was able to pass multiple riders through the halfway point of the moto and had soon fought his way into podium position in third. As the fastest rider on the track, the GASGAS rider quickly made inroads on his deficit to Towers and made the pass for second with a couple laps remaining.

Beaumer enjoyed a pressure-free ride to capture his first moto win of the week, while Fineis impressed in his climb to second. Towers parlayed his strong start into a third-place finish. Bennick was unable to make up the kind of ground he did in Open Pro Sport and was never a factor, mired in a battle just outside the top five throughout the moto, ultimately settling for seventh.

250 Pro Sport Moto 1 Results

  1. Julien Beaumer, Lake Havasu City, Ariz., KTM
  2. Mark Fineis, Westfield, Ind., GASGAS
  3. Gavin Towers, Venetia, Pa., Yamaha
  4. Avery Long, New London, Minn., Yamaha
  5. Jayden Clough, Elko New Market, Minn., Kawasaki
Julien Beaumer was impressive en route to the opening moto win in 250 Pro Sport. Photo Courtesy: MX Sports / Align Media

Moto 1: Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C
With a win in 250 B to start the week, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Casey Cochran was another rider garnering attention as the Schoolboy 2 field took to the starting gate for the first time. Another stacked field also featured Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green’s Drew Adams, NSA Yamaha Amateur Factory Team rider Logan Best, and the Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green duo of Krystian Janik and Enzo Temmerman.

As the field emerged from the first turn it was Janik out front for the STACYC Holeshot, accompanied by his Team Green teammate Temmerman. They easily paced the field through the opening laps, during which Temmerman made the pass for the lead. Their battle allowed Best to close in from third after starting fourth. Best was the faster rider of the trio and was patient in his pass on Janik for second. He shadowed Temmerman for a couple laps before going on the attack to take control of the lead halfway through the moto. Their battle continued, as the pair traded the top spot several times throughout various parts of the track.

As the lead trio duked it out, Cochran was making his charge to the front. The Husqvarna rider didn’t get a great start and began his journey deep in the top 10, but he wasted no time picking off riders in the opening laps and soon slotted into fourth after a couple laps. He watched as the leaders engaged in battle and soon made it a four-rider affair. He dropped the hammer to run the fastest laps on the track, which allowed him to go from fourth to first in just two laps. Once he took control of the moto Cochran never looked back.

Cochran stormed to his second moto win in as many days, doing so with a savvy climb through the field, while Best kept him honest through the finish in second. Janik reclaimed third from his teammate late to secure the final spot on the moto podium.

Schoolboy 2 (12-17) B/C Moto 1 Results

  1. Casey Cochran, Clermont, Fla., Husqvarna
  2. Logan Best, North Port, Fla., Yamaha
  3. Krystian Janik, Oak Lawn, Ill., Kawasaki
  4. Enzo Temmerman, Visalia, Calif., Kawasaki
  5. Drew Adams, Chattanooga, Tenn., Kawasaki
Casey Cochran is off to an undefeated start at Loretta Lynn’s this summer. Photo Courtesy: MX Sports / Align Media

Moto 1: Schoolboy 1 (12-17) B/C
Following an impressive victory in 125 Jr. (12-17) B/C on Tuesday, GASGAS Amateur Team rider Tiger Wood made an even bigger statement on Wednesday during the first moto of Schoolboy 1.

The Georgia native put himself at the front of the field from the outset of the moto with the STACYC Holeshot, ahead of the Husqvarna of Owen Covell and the KTM of Klark Robbins. The clear track allowed Wood to sprint out to a multi-second advantage over the field that grew to nearly double digits as the moto surpassed the halfway point.

The rider on the move throughout the moto was EBR Performance/Altus Motorsports Yamaha’s Landon Hartz, who started the moto in ninth but rocketed up the running order to take control of second at the halfway mark. Hartz continued to run the fastest laps on the track to chip away at his deficit to Wood, but the GASGAS rider managed his comfortable lead to perfection, riding conservative but consistent lap times to bring home his second win of the week. Hartz turned heads with his resiliency and strong finish in second, while GASGAS rider Carter Malcolm rounded out the top three.

Schoolboy 1 (12-17) B/C Moto 1 Results

  1. Tiger Wood, Cairo, Ga., GASGAS
  2. Landon Hartz, Wilsonville, Ala., Yamaha
  3. Carter Malcolm, Elizabeth, Colo., GASGAS
  4. Jesson Turner, Wills Point, Texas, GASGAS
  5. Kade Johnson, Hideaway, Texas, Yamaha
Tiger Wood is also off to a hot start with moto wins across two classes. Photos Courtesy: MX Sports / Align Media

Moto 1: Supermini 1 (12-15) & Supermini 2 (13-16)
The two respective Supermini classes bookended Moto 1 action on Wednesday, featuring a loaded lineup of minibike talent headlined by KTM Orange Brigade’s Seth Dennis, Husqvarna rider Deacon Denno, and Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green’s Landen Gordon. All three riders were in the mix across both classes.

Supermini 1 opened the morning, and it was Dennis who controlled the moto from start to finish. The young racer got a stellar jump out the gate to easily claim the STACYC Holeshot and quickly gapped the field. After just a couple laps, his lead had grown to nearly 10 seconds and he was able to manage his advantage from there. Denno started the moto in third and soon took control of second, which allowed him to keep Dennis honest throughout the remainder of the moto, even closing to within a couple seconds of the lead before dropping back in the closing laps. Dennis and Denno were never challenged out front and finished 1-2, while Gordon endured an adventure of a moto to ultimately claim the final spot on the moto podium. After starting all the way back in 28th, Gordon managed to pass 25 riders to break into the top three with just a couple laps left in the moto for one of the most impressive individual performances at Loretta Lynn’s thus far.

The final class to complete its first moto was Supermini 2 and the race began with KTM rider Max Shane out front with the STACYC Holeshot, but he was quickly overcome by Gordon, who was determined to reverse his fortune from earlier in the day and put himself out front early. He appeared to have control of the moto until an early tip over dropped the Kawasaki rider from first to fourth. That handed the lead to KTM rider Canyon Richards and initiated a three-rider battle with the KTM mounted duo of Dennis and Cole Timboe. This played back into the hands of Gordon who fought back to the tail of the KTM trio and made quick passes to reclaim the top spot just a couple of laps after his misfortune. Once he regained the lead Gordon inched away from Timboe, who moved into second, and carried on to take the moto win for Team Green. A late pass by Richards helped him finish second, while Timboe settled for third.

Supermini 1 (12-15) Moto 1 Results

  1. Seth Dennis, Groveland, Fla., KTM
  2. Deacon Denno, Malakoff, Texas, Husqvarna
  3. Landen Gordon, Murrieta, Calif., Kawasaki
  4. McKayden Fitch, Elbert, Colo., Husqvarna
  5. Brennon Harrison, Jacksonville, Fla., KTM


Supermini 2 (13-16) Moto 1 Results

  1. Landen Gordon, Murrieta, Calif., Kawasaki
  2. Canyon Richards, Estell Manor, N.J., KTM
  3. Cole Timboe, Calimesa, Calif., KTM
  4. Seth Dennis, Groveland, Fla., KTM
  5. Deacon Denno, Malakoff, Texas, Husqvarna
Seth Dennis went wire-to-wire to capture the Moto 1 win in Supermini 1. Photo Courtesy: MX Sports / Align Media


Landen Gordon overcame a tip-over in the first Supermini 2 moto to claim victory. Photos Courtesy: MX Sports / Align Media

Moto 2: Open Pro Sport
The return of Open Pro Sport highlighted the set of second motos that concluded the afternoon on Wednesday as Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing’s Daxton Bennick looked to pick up where he left off following a Moto 1 victory. Unfortunately for his competitors, that’s exactly what happened.

Bennick opened the moto with the early advantage to capture the STACYC Holeshot and grab the early lead over NSA Yamaha Amateur Factory Team rider Gavin Towers. The Yamaha mounted rivals were chased briefly by former pro Ben Lamay aboard his KTM, but soon distanced themselves from the field as Bennick was able to grow his lead to more than five seconds. As Towers settled into second the rider who was generating the most attention was KTM Orange Brigade’s Julien Beaumer, fresh off his 250 Pro Sport triumph. Beaumer was forced to battle his way forward from a ninth place start, but broke into the top five by the midway point of the moto.

Beaumer closed onto the rear fender of Triangle Cycles Yamaha’s Bryce Shelly, who ran third for most of the moto, and successfully made the pass with just a handful of laps remaining. Beaumer then set his sights on Towers, who had fallen back more than 10 seconds to Bennick in the late stages of the moto. Once he got close enough to mount an attack, Beaumer made quick work of Towers to take over the runner-up spot.

Bennick never put a wheel wrong and looked even more impressive en route to his second moto win. Beaumer’s valiant effort was rewarded with a second-place result, while Towers once again leveraged his good start into a podium result in third.

Open Pro Sport Moto 2 Results

  1. Daxton Bennick, Morganton, N.C., Yamaha
  2. Julien Beaumer, Lake Havasu City, Ariz., KTM
  3. Gavin Towers, Venetia, Pa., Yamaha
  4. Bryce Shelly, Telford, Pa., Yamaha
  5. Parker Ross, Herald, Calif., Honda
Daxton Bennick was even more dominant in Open Pro Sport Moto 2. Photos Courtesy: MX Sports / Align Media

Moto 2: Senior (40+)
The third opportunity to see legends Mike Brown and Jeff Emig had fans excited as the Senior class lined up on the gate for its second moto. Through the first two races Brown enjoyed a clear speed advantage over Emig, even though Emig nabbed a win after some misfortune for Brown.

With his hopes of going undefeated dashed, Brown no doubt wanted to make a point in his third gate drop of the week. When the gate dropped, Brown’s KTM quickly jumped out on the rest of the field as he easily earned the STACYC Holeshot. From there he dropped the hammer and ran away from the Yamahas of Kris Keefer and Robert Fitch. Like the day prior, Emig didn’t nail the start and began his moto in fifth aboard his KTM.

By the end of the second lap Brown was clear of the field by a double-digit margin and was not going to let up nor make another miscue that could cost him a win. By the midway point of the moto the lead had swelled to nearly 30 seconds, which shifted the focus on Emig’s methodical march through the field. One-by-one Emig picked up a spot from his rivals and soon found himself in firm control of third, giving chase to Fitch, who held his own. Emig needed to show patience as Fitch kept him at bay for the bulk of the moto. A miscue by Fitch late in the moto gave Emig the opening he needed to claim the position.

Brown was in a class of his own once again and made it clear that this is his title to lose. Emig once again impressed in his ability to make passes and move forward into second, while Fitch made his presence felt with a strong third-place result.

Senior (40+) Moto 2 Results

  1. Mike Brown, Bluff City, Tenn., KTM
  2. Jeff Emig, Riverside, Calif., KTM
  3. Robert Fitch, Elbert, Colo., Yamaha
  4. Shane Kelleher, Cumberland, R.I., Honda
  5. Dennis Stapleton, Lake Elsinore, Calif., Honda
Mike Brown emphatically reasserted his dominance of the veteran classes. Photos Courtesy: MX Sports / Align Media

2023 AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship Wednesday Winners

Moto 1
65cc (7-9): Jaydin Smart, Berry Creek, Calif., Cobra
250 C Jr. (12-17) Limited: Kyle Paleologos, Auburn Ala., Yamaha
450 B Limited: Jeremy Fappani, Scottsdale, Ariz., KTM
85cc (10-12) Limited: Wyatt Thurman, Burleson, Texas, KTM
Senior (45+): Ronnie Renner, Floral City, Fla., KTM
250 C Limited: Chase Haynes, Scottsdale, Ariz., Kawasaki
Girls (11-16): Mayla Herrick, Thornton, Colo., Husqvarna
65cc (10-11): Easton Graves, Walker, La., KTM

Moto 2
Vet (30+): Carlos Badiali, Venezuela, Yamaha
450 B: Jadon Cooper, Baytown, Texas, Yamaha
125 C: Makai Olerich, Waddell, Ariz., KTM
85cc (10-12): Wyatt Thurman, Burleson, Texas, KTM
65cc (7-9) Limited: Jaydin Smart, Berry Creek, Calif., Cobra
Mini Sr. 2 (13-15): Jayce Wolf, Franklin, Wis., KTM
450 C: Makai Olerich, Waddell, Ariz., KTM

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