Usually the choice in the world of 350cc off-road bikes is limited to very similar brands. That’s not true in 2023. Now, KTM has a new platform for all its competition bikes. GasGas has stuck with the previous version, which gives us the opportunity to compare them back to back. We have a 2023 KTM 350XC-F and a 2023 GasGas EX350F just for that purpose. GasGas is seen as the more affordable line of the two. The price certainly isn’t low; it’s $10,799, but it’s less than $11,399, which is what the KTM costs. For that difference, the KTM gives you handguards, a skid plate, a map switch, machined triple clamps, a few name-brand parts and a resonance chamber in the exhaust headpipe. If you wanted to buy all those items for your GasGas, they would cost way more than the $600 price difference. Much more important is the KTM’s new chassis and motor. Almost everything is different; the frame, the motor, the rear suspension, the bodywork, even the wheels and axle sizes. The only carry-over is the WP Xact air fork. Even that is different between the two bikes. The GasGas has softer valving and less recommended air pressure. Join us as we ride the two bikes back to back in this edition of the Versus video series.

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