Day two saw the US Trophy team solidify its lead in the 97th running of the ISDE in Argentina. Dante Oliveira, Taylor Robert, Cole Martinez and Johnny Girroir have consistently been near the top of the standings in each test. The standout individuals continue to be Spain’s Josep Garcia and Italy’s Andrea Verona, who have won every test between the two of them. In team competition, Great Britain is the closest rival to the US. In the Junior Trophy competition for younger riders, the U.S. moved up to second place while the American Women’s team moved into first.

FMF KTM Factory Racing standout Dante Oliveira led the way for Team USA’s World Trophy (WT) effort, repeating his performance from yesterday by slotting into third position overall and second in the E2 class on his 450 XC-F. Teammate Taylor Robert was fifth overall on Day 2 and has moved to fourth in the individual classification, with Johnny Girroir also factoring inside the top 10 onboard the 350 XC-F with an eighth-place result. Collectively, and along with Cole Martinez (Honda), they now hold a +5:02.26 advantage with four days remaining.

Dante Oliveira: “Today was a better day for the team and for myself. I felt a little more comfortable once it got a little rougher and I was a little more warmed up to the bike. I started off well and closed the gap a little bit, between the top two, so happy with that and will keep plugging away, getting closer to them. But as a team, we’re doing great, so all we can do is stay strong, keep the bikes together, and keep our bodies together.”

Taylor Robert

Taylor Robert: “It was another good day for Team USA and myself. We’ve just got a really solid group of guys and everybody’s riding really well. We’re not necessarily winning individually, but we’ve got four guys in the top 10, which is just insane for us. I’ve always hoped that we could get four guys in the top 10 and we’ve done it two days in a row now, so everybody’s riding really consistent, no major mistakes, and I think everybody’s having a good time. We got through those first two tough days and are looking forward to some new special tests to transfer to tomorrow.”

Johnny Girroir

Johnny Girroir: “It was a good day. It’s been a good last couple of days, actually. We’re riding good, consistent, and not making many mistakes. It was a good way to start the week before some new transfers and tests tomorrow will be fun. We’ll smooth things out a little bit and, yeah, just looking forward to the rest of the week.”

Tuesday saw Mateo Oliveira maintain consistency in the Junior World Trophy (JWT) division, ranked P4 on the Day 2 results sheets and also sitting in that same position overall within the category two days in. Riding a KTM 250 XC-F, Grant Davis has worked his way inside the top 10 overall, completing today in eighth, with Kai Aiello (Husqvarna) directly behind him in ninth.

Mateo Oliveira

Mateo Oliveira: “Today was a lot easier than day one, that’s for sure. They cut out a lot of transfers and put us on some roads, which really made it so I could attack the specials a little bit more and I executed the first test really well. We’ve got some fresh tracks tomorrow and I’ve just got to keep hammering down! I’m feeling super-comfortable on the bike now, two days of feeling it out and feeling at one on it, so I’m excited. Three more days of hard smashing and I’m looking forward to keeping this going.”

Grant Davis

Grant Davis: “It was definitely a lot easier than day one, for sure. They cut the transfers out and then I don’t think it was as hot with the wind, but I felt better with the dirt today, also. I definitely rode better, picked my times up, and I’m closing in a little bit, better than I was yesterday.”

The United States Women’s World Trophy (WWT) Team is now placed first overall following Tuesday, where KTM-supported Brandy Richards set the WWT standard for the second day in a row. Combined with Rachel Gutish (GASGAS) in P2 and Korie Steede (KTM) finishing today in fourth place, the U.S. squad is now +4:26.10 ahead in the Team classification.

Brandy Richards

Brandy Richards: “It was great today! The transfers were definitely a lot better and the tests were shaping up pretty good, too. Not super-rough, but still pretty rough, and it also wasn’t quite as hot today, so it was a much better day. I’m looking forward to some new transfers for tomorrow though.”


World Trophy Classification (After Day 2 of 6)
1. USA, 5:48:43.29
2. Great Britain, +5:02.26
3. France, +6:47.38
4. Spain, +9:00.12
5. Italy, +10:14.11

Junior World Trophy Classification (After Day 2 of 6)
1. Sweden, 4:26:28.78
2. USA, +7:10.30
3. France, +7:16.25
4. Great Britain, +20:19.67
5. Argentina, +24:30.50

Women’s World Trophy Classification (After Day 2 of 6)
1. USA, 5:04:53.47
2. Australia, +4:26.10
3. FIM LA, +1:00:21.07
4. France, +2:36:04.50
5. Argentina, +4:46:15.62

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