GasGas has announced its 2023 Factory Editions. The new MC450F Factory Edition and MC250F Factory Edition will be based on the same frame and motor platforms that the KTM and Husqvarna competition models used in 2022. This means that the Troy Lee race team will have a new bike to develop. Justin Barcia, Pierce Brown and Michael Mosiman all were mounted on the previous model in 2022 while their counterparts at KTM and Husqvarna worked to finalize the new bike. The GasGas team will doubtlessly benefit from their development. The official press release from GasGas follows:

2023 GASGAS MC 450F Factory Edition

One year on from launching our first-ever race team replica dirt bike and we’re back with more! And not just one, but two factory edition motocross models. Built for maximum on-track performance, the all-new GASGAS MC 450F Factory Edition and MC 250F Factory Edition bikes have been designed and developed together with GASGAS Factory Racing, so you know they’re going to be good! Both feature brand-new motors, new frames, and are packed full of the latest technology, with pretty much everything else being improved over the outgoing generation. So, if you’re a racer focused on winning, you’re going to need one. It’s as simple as that!

2023 GASGAS MC 250F Factory Edition

GASGAS unveils two awesome TLD Race Team replica motocross bikes
New models developed with GASGAS Factory Racing for maximum performance
Watch Justin Barcia and Pierce Brown ride the new bikes right here
The MC 450F Factory Edition benefits from a new cylinder head and CP piston – a potent combination that gives a boost to overall performance and amplifies the on-track experience for all riders. With the motor now lighter than ever, as well as being repositioned within the all-new frame to improve mass centralization, the bike’s already agile handling characteristics are taken to the next level.

As the newest and freshest model added to the GASGAS line-up, the MC 250F Factory Edition is pretty much an all-new dirt bike. Headlining this awesome bike is the powerful, high-revving, motor that’s super compact to save weight. Together with the new frame it makes carving through corners so, so easy. The brand-new motor features a new cylinder, cylinder head and piston, crankcases, and gearbox, which all work as one to make the MC 250F Factory Edition quite possibly the very best 250cc 4-stroke motocrosser out there.

Rewarding riders who really push the pace, the WP Suspension fitted on the Factory Edition models is set up firmer to favor aggressive riding. Up front, the WP XACT front forks feature a new hydrostop for improved bottoming resistance while the slightly slower rebound setting takes the sting out of heavy landings. At the rear, the WP XACT shock is all-new, better performing, and easily adjustable by hand for quick and easy trackside changes.

Shared updates across both GASGAS Factory Edition models.
New generation frame – Hydroformed, laser cut, and robot welded, the new frame is as strong and as flexible as it gets. Super-stable at high speed without compromising things in the corners, the frame is finished with a tough, electronic red powder coating.
New aluminum subframe – Strong and light. Contributing to the overall handling of the Factory Edition bikes, the aluminum subframe is super reliable.
New die-cast swingarm – An improved casting process knocks off 190 grams when compared to the old swingarm. Still strong and designed to work with the flex of the new frame, the swingarm is complete with a new chain guide designed to prevent mud build-up and help maintain forward momentum in deeply rutted turns.

New bodywork and graphics – Fresh new plastics and the latest Red Bull/Troy Lee Designs/ GASGAS Factory Racing graphics sure look the business. But there’s a lot more to the updated bodywork as the contact areas for your knees are now larger, which allows riders to grip the bike more when getting on the gas.
Bigger fuel tank – If you’re competing in the pro ranks then you’ll enjoy the larger fuel tank as you can go the full distance with no fear of running out.
New footrest design – Mounted further inwards on the frame to help prevent them from catching on deep ruts or take offs when scrubbing, the new footrests feature a larger surface area to improve control in all conditions.
Updated suspension settings – With the WP forks set-up to maintain forward momentum after heavy landings and the all-new WP shock as good as rear suspension gets, attacking the track has never felt so good. Plus, both the forks and shock are adjustable by hand, for quick and easy set-up changes.
State-of-the-art electronics with Traction Control and Quickshifter – Helping to get the power down in slick conditions, Traction Control is essential for all hardpack tracks while the Quickshifter ensures super-smooth gear changes – even when wide open!
New map selector switch to engage mappings, launch control, traction control and quickshift – Easy to operate, even when riding, the handlebar-mounted Map Select Switch houses all the buttons to activate Launch Control, Traction Control, and the Quickshifter.
Lighter motors and new engine position – Low in weight and positioned to play a vital role in handling, the Factory Edition motors aren’t just fast, but they help each bike handle perfectly.
Redesigned 250 motor – All-new and designed for pro level racing, the 250cc 4-stroke motor may well be the best out there!
Updated 450 motor – Refined to be lower in weight and still produce copious amounts of power, the 450 motor is designed to centralize mass for perfect handling.
Beyond the super-cool Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing graphics, the very best race-tested components have been fitted to both factory edition models. Every single part is designed to improve performance and durability while the latest in electronic wizardry allows riders to customize the power to suit their style.

Take a look at the full list of what’s included on both the GASGAS MC 450F Factory Edition and MC 250F Factory Edition motocross bikes, it’s seriously impressive…
Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing replica graphics from the 2023 season
Ribbed Factory Seat Cover
Factory Racing Triple Clamps (anodized red)
Factory Wheels (anodized black)
Dunlop tires
Black rear sprocket
Gold x-ring chain
Factory Start Device
Semi-Floating Front Brake Disc
Factory Racing Brake Disc Guard
2K Carbon Composite Skid Plate
Frame Protection Kit (red)
Hour meter with FI status LED and low fuel warning
Map Select Switch to control Launch Control, Traction Control, and Quickshift
Akrapovic “Slip-On Line” titanium exhaust system
Billet Hinson Outer Clutch Cover
Black Neken Fatbar with GASGAS bar pad
Softer ODI Lock-On Grips
Firmer suspension settings
Unlocking even more power from the new, more compact, and easier to work on motors is a lightweight Akrapovič Slip-On Line titanium exhaust system. Giving a significant boost to both torque and top speed, it’s the very latest offering from Akrapovič, which as well as improving performance, looks the absolute business.

Not only super-fast, but these new Factory Edition bikes also handle like a dream. Firmer settings on the WP XACT suspension encourage riders to attack the track and big jumps with full confidence, safe in the knowledge that heavy landings will be soaked up with no loss of forward momentum. Up front, red anodized Factory Racing Triple Clamps allow riders to customize the ergonomics, while soft ODI Lock-On grips improve comfort. A grippy, ribbed seat cover keeps riders where they want to be when getting on the gas.

Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires hook up in all conditions, and are fitted to our black Factory Wheels, which are rock solid and add to the real race bike flavor. We’ve bolted on a Semi-Floating Front Brake Disc, so you’ll never miss your line in the corners and protected it with a Factory Racing Brake Disc Guard for when things get wild in the first turn!

Finishing off both bikes in style is a long list of parts taken straight from our Technical Accessories range. From front to back, there’s a Factory Start Device, Neken handlebars, a 2K Carbon Composite Skid Plate, Hinson Clutch Cover, a red Frame Protection Kit, a black Rear Sprocket, and a gold x-ring chain. Finally, to make sure riders stay on top of servicing their bike, we’ve installed an Hour Meter to ensure no one ever loses track of just how many hours they’ve spent on this awesome bike.

For more information and to check out the full spec of both factory edition motocross bikes, head to GASGAS.com.

The MC 450F Factory Edition and MC 250F Factory Edition models will be available in all US based GASGAS dealerships in January 2023. European and all non-US customers will be able to get their hands on the MC 450F Factory Edition a couple of months later, in March. For full pricing details and more information, please visit your local GASGAS dealer.

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