Gas Gas produces a lot of different size motorcycles but a 500cc two-stroke is not one of them. On this week’s 2-Stroke Tuesday Charles Lytle from mXrevival telling you in his own words how he changing that and how you can enter to win this exact motorcycle! Scroll to the bottom of this post for more information on the bike giveaway. :

” Two strokes are cool. No matter how you slice it, there is just something about a super slimmed down, mean & lean two stroke! The sound, the fighter-jet stance, and even the way their exhaust systems curl out to make their way around the engine & frame – They are just badass. It’s almost hard to believe they can get any cooler. But we believe they can. And that’s what mXrevival is here to do. It’s one thing to “build bikes”. It’s yet another to custom build them for a customer, or customers. That’s all good & fine, but we’re into something else entirely.

We build incredible bikes for you…. to WIN.

Our current 2023 Gas Gas MC250 Bike Build & Giveaway is completely engulfed in the transformation process.
Remember earlier when we told you we make bikes even cooler? Listen up, because here’s the hit list on YOUR new MC500 two stroke monster. (You read that right. 500cc’s)
We call this one “HELFYRE”

For starters, your 2023 Gas Gas has been framed down to the last nut & bolt & prepped for a brand new BRC Racing engine.
These 500cc power plants drop right into your late model two strokes chassis in terms of where the engine mounts are located. If you caught our last YZ500 Build & Giveaway, you already know what we’re talking about.
Not only will your new 500cc engine be exhaust valve equipped for that two stroke “hit” we all love. But this new engine also remains counter-balanced to keep vibrations to a minimum.
Of course, we couldn’t leave you out there like Kick Start Kenny in 2023… so we went ahead and made sure you’d have that magic button too. Oh yeah, electric start was a must!

Moving onto your MC500’s chassis, we’ve also ditched the AER air forks on this monster in favor of a fully reworked set of suspension, complete with a Technical Touch spring conversion by AHM Factory Services.
Everyone knows Yamaha has the best fork on the market. And now you do too. These T.T. kits from AHM stuff Yamaha SSS cartridges into your AER air fork, complete with factory looking billet lower lugs.
AHM also took the time to special anodize your fork tubes & shock body gold, as well as DLC coat your front & rear rear suspension shafts, amongst several other upgrades.
What could be better than a steel frame & Yamaha suspension? Keep reading…

Custom Cearakoted clamps from Fast Blast & Coat house your insane looking suspension, while Dubya USA keeps this chassis rolling around the shop while we build your engine.

Fast Blast & Coat also hooked up your Brembo’s with a fresh coat of Cerakote “Concrete” with brushed logos, and “dry-slick” coatings on all of your linkage pivots & axles.

Until our next update- we’re back to work! Your behemoth electric start, 500cc engine just showed up ready to install by Eite Moto Factory!


So how do you get in on all of this sweet stuff? We thought you’d never ask… 
Feel free to join us on the mXrevival YouTube channel every weekend to watch your HELFYRE build come to life. We giveaway MX parts in EVERYYouTube episode for anyone who’s entered to win HELFYRE.
For behind the scenes build progress, visit the mXrevival Instagram page & be sure you’re also following Dirt Bike Magazine on Instagram to catch our collab posts!
You can enter to win our MC500 build by visiting mXrevival.com.
When you enter- You’ll also be supporting OMC Raceway (one of our country’s oldest motorcycle clubs) stay open & operational for generations of riders to come.

Oh you thought we just built bikes? What’s a build without supporting a worthy charity?

Guys, thanks for enjoying today’s Two stroke Tuesday, powered by the mXrevival Build Team & HELFYRE.

We can’t do what we do without you. And we’re eternally grateful!

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