A massive turnout for the 39th Annual Dubya Vet World Championship had visitors to Glen Helen Raceway struggling for a place to park over two days of racing this weekend. The World Vet has become Glen Helen’s largest event and attracts rank and file enthusiasts as well as icons of the sport. Legends like Mike Brown, Jeremy McGrath, Doug Dubach and Kurt Nicoll were on hand, but interestingly enough, the fastest rider of the weekend was an Austrian who left spectators struggling to pronounce his name. Günter Schmidinger currently works for KTM’s testing department in Austria, but he is no stranger to international competition. He’s ridden the World Vet in the past and even the USGP when it was at Glen Helen in 2011. He’s also a 13-time member of the Austrian MXoN team.

Austrian Günter Schmidinger was the big winner in the 30+ pro class.
Ryan Morais came within a few inches of winning the overall in the 30+ Pro class.

Schmidinger pulled the holeshot in the first 30+ Pro race and gradually pulled away to an uncontested win. Second place was a different story. Giacomo Redoni, who was WORCS champion in 2018, held on to the spot all the way to the checkered flag, when he was finally challenged by Ryan Morais. The two crossed the finish line side-by-side. Morais actually thought he was ahead and went to the second moto with that mindset. Blayne Thompson got the start and Morais took over on the second lap. It was several laps before Schmidinger got into second place, but by that time Morais had a big lead, which he held all the way home. Afterward, Morais was surprised to find that Glen Helen’s official timing and scoring had him second overall with a 3-1 score, while Schmidinger had a 1-2. It turned out that the transponder pickup was about 5 feet before the flag, and that made all the difference. Redondi scored a 2-4 while Canadian Mitch Cooke posted a 5-3.

Mike Brown won the 50+ Pro and the Pasha 50+ 125 race. He was fourth in the 30+ Pasha race as well.
Jeremy McGrath had to settle for second behind Mike Brown in the 50+ Pro as well as the Pasha 50+ 125 class.
Doug Dubach was third Pasha 50+ 125 and first 60+ Expert.
Kurt Nicoll was fourth 50+ 125.

This year the most familiar names were in the 50+ Pasha 125 class, which was promoted and sponsored by Hollywood stuntman Tony “Pasha” Pantera. That’s where Mike Brown, Jeremy McGrath, Doug Dubach, Kurt Nicoll and Ty Davis all lined up. Of those riders, it was clear that Mike Brown has the most recent riding and racing under his belt, but it was a surprisingly close race. McGrath was a good starter and Dubach was a good finisher. In the end, the score was Brown, McGrath, Dubach, Nicoll, Ty Davis and ISDE legend Brian Storrie. Brown also raced in the 30+ Pasha 125 race where he scored a fourth behind Morais, Redondi and Dominic Desimone.

Gary Jones has a full set of Dubya World Vet trophies.

Brown, McGrath and Nicoll lined up yet again in the 50+ Pro class where Brown took an easy win. Dubach made his debut in the 60+ Expert class where he had an even easier win over Canadian Pete DeGraff. Morais and Canadian Mitch Cooke traded motos in the 40+ Pro class with Morais winning the second moto. Kris Keefer and Dirt Bike Managing Editor mark Tilley were third and fourth, respectively

Giacomo Redondi and Mitch Cooke met in the 30+ Pro class as well as in the Cup of Nations.

The Cup of Nation is a Glen Helen invention where each national team must have three riders in different age groups. Italy #1 was the big winner  with Simone Girolami, Marcello Disetti and Redondi.  Second place went to Canada #1. It had Julian Cerney who won the 50+ class, Shane Cuthberson (5th in the 40+ class) and Cooke (1st in the 30+). For full results go to www.glenhelen.com.

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