The 2023 24 Hours of Glen Helen is in the books and it was the Yamaha team of Tyler Nicholson, RJ Warda, Thomas Dunn and Clayton Roberts that took the top prize after battling  every step of the way with the Prairie Dogs team of  Trevor Hunter, Tyler Belknap, Clay Hengeveld and Nic Garvin. The course was built by the SRA Racing crew and they came up with 10 miles of challenging terrain that included the National track, the Arroyo  Vet Track, the truck track and long sections of ridge roads. In the middle of the night, the Santa Ana winds kicked in to make the race even more difficult. The true heroes of the race, as usual, were the Ironmen. Top man in that class was Zac Luce. For full results, go to www.glenhelen.com.

The Team of Tyler Nicholson, RJ Warda, Thomas Dunn and Clayton Roberts won the 2023 3-Bros 24 Hours of Glen Helen.
John Wheeler got the holeshot on the Intermediate/Expert row. His team won their class and finished fourth overall.
Nic Garvin rode with the Prairie Dogs and pushed the leaders throughout the day and night.


History was made for electric bikes by the KC Powersports team. They rode a Surron Storm Bee to the finish, rotating batteries and completing 44 laps.
Zac Luce was the top Ironman, finishing 42nd overall.
Tyler Martin’s team won the Business/Industry class.
Motocross Action was represented by Trevor Nelson, who was sixth Ironman.
Yes that’s a Kawasaki KLR650. Zac Commans was relentless on his way to fourth Ironman.
Jacob Hayes got the Pro holeshot and finished third overall.
Vincent Munoz was the 250 Expert winner.
The top Family Class team was led by Alex Dorsey.
Jordon Maas was second 250 Expert.
The Women’s Class was won by Desiree Bates.
Second place Ironman was Josh Smith.
Seth Barnes, Ray Rodden, Skyler Pereira are all members (retired and active) of the U.S. Marine corps.



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