KTM just announced that its 2022 dual-sport bikes will be arriving in dealers soon. Additionally, the XCF-W  line, which is closely related to the dual-sports will be available. On the two-stroke side of the fence, the 300XC-W, 250 XC-W  and 150XC-W were released. The official press release follows.

2022 KTM 500EXC Dual Sport

KTM North America, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2022 KTM EXC and XC-W lineup, reconfirming its benchmark-setting status with the most comprehensive and exciting range of dual-sport and offroad machines on the market. Whether riders are searching for a motorcycle to ace any terrain or equipment to find those extra race seconds, there is no reason to think anything but ‘orange.’ The key to this bar-setting versatility is KTM’s high standards and the quality that is injected throughout the refined 2022 KTM EXC and XC-W range.

2022 KTM 350EXC Dual-Sport

In search of even more connectivity with the terrain, KTM has worked with WP suspension to update the production settings of the WP XPLOR forks and shock for a firmer and sportier feel. The 2022 suspension package also includes new hardware for improved damping, heightened grip and better all-round performance. The XPLOR forks come with reduced friction thanks to updated outer tubes, a polished spring for less pollution of the oil and a reworked upper cartridge screw connection to enhance rebound damping. The PDS shock now boasts a new O-ring that is less prone to deformation, wear and fading, while new settings offer better resistance to bottoming out.

2022 KTM 150XCW two-stroke

Innovative Transfer Port Injection (TPI) technology means KTM XC-W TPI 2-Strokes perfectly meet the increasing demands of the modern offroad rider. The three motor capacities guarantee the best choice of horsepower and torque to suit any rider’s preference or capabilities. The KTM 300 XC-W TPI flagship model can easily satisfy any extreme offroad ambition, and on the other end of the range, look to the 2022 KTM 150 XC-W TPI for high-revving, agile terrain mastery. For 2022, the KTM 250 XC-W TPI has come under the R&D microscope, featuring revised 13:52 gearing to help the quarter-liter in terms of traction and front-end lift on the most technical sections.

2022 KTM 500XCF-W

The dual-sport KTM EXC-F and offroad KTM XCF-W 4-Stroke models talk the torque as dependable, reliable, accessible and thrilling fuel-injected machinery. From 350 cc to 500 cc 4-Valve, single-cylinder powerplants, there is more than enough horsepower for even the grabbiest throttle hand. Occupying the spotlight is the ultra-popular KTM 500 EXC-F dual-sport with its class-leading big-bore power, while the KTM 350 EXC-F offers an enviable combination of motor and mobility. Shaving off the mirrors and license plate and adding knobbier tires, the KTM 350 XCF-W and KTM 500 XCF-W offroad models pack serious power and performance in lighter trim.

2022 KTM 250XC-W TPI two stroke

KTM’s READY TO RACE mantra guides the development of its offroad machines, and the endeavors of racers like Manuel Lettenbichler and Josep Garcia help sculpt the machines that make it into the hands of riders around the world. As the bike of choice for FMF KTM Factory Racing’s Trystan Hart in the AMA Extreme Enduro Championship, the KTM 300 XC-W TPI excels on the ultimate offroad stage, giving riders the edge in any championship battle. For 2022, KTM has emphasized this connection with competition even further with new graphics incorporating blue colors and a blue seat, both styled after the KTM Factory equipment. The graphics and race plastics ensure that any KTM EXC or XC-W cannot be missed right at the front of the pack.

2022 KTM 350XCF-W

Revised WP suspension settings for a firmer and more responsive feel
Improved oil circulation in the suspension for more consistent feedback
New 13:52 gearing giving the KTM 250 XC-W TPI added bottom-end punch
Head-turning 2022 colors inspired by the Factory bikes
The 2022 KTM EXC and XC-W models will be available in authorized KTM dealers starting this month.

2022 KTM 300XC-W TPI two-stroke

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