U.S. Trophy Team members Kailub Russell, Layne Michael, Dante Oliveira and Josh Toth have impounded their bikes and are ready to ride Monday in day one of the 96th ISDE in Le Puy-En-Velay, France. Mateo Oliveira, Austin Walton and Cody Barnes will ride for the Junior team for riders under 23 years old. The pride of the U.S. will be the defending champions on the Women’s team: Brandy Richards, Rachel Gutish and Korie Steede.
Who will they face? The field is stacked with talent this year. The defending Italian Trophy Team will be led by current FIM EnduroGP points leader Andrea Verona, along with Thomas Oldrati, Alex Salvini and Samuele Bernadini.
The home turf advantage goes to the French Trophy team of Christophe Charlier, Hugo Blanjoue, Leo Le Quere and Till de Clercq.
Perhaps the strongest of all is the British Trophy Team which will have Nathan Watson, Jed Etchells, 2020 World GP Champion Steve Holcombe and Jamie McCanney. The Aussie Trophy Team is just as deep, with 2019 individual winner Daniel Sanders, 2018 individual winner Daniel Milner, Josh Green and Wil Ruprecht.

Mateo Oliveira survived tech inspection. His bike will sit in impound until he leaves the paddock on Monday morning.

Once again the U.S. Women’s team is a favorite, but will have more competition than last time. Great Britain has current FIM Women’s Enduro World Championship points leader Jane Daniels, Rosie Rowett and Nieve Holmes. Spain’s Mireia Badia was the only rider who challenged Daniels this season in world championship competition, and will be joined by Julia Calvo and Nora Esteban. In total, nine nations will compete in the FIM Women’s World Trophy class.

There were some last minute changes on the U.S. club teams. Thorn Devlin dropped out at the last minute. Tyler Vore moved from GTBN to XC Gear. Anson Maloney moved from MojoMotosports to GTBN and Josh Chassaing joined Moho Motosports. The first rider out will leave the paddock at 7:30 local time tomorrow for over six hours of riding, which will include five special tests. Mary Rinell is there for Dirt Bike and will offer results as soon as they are available.

Brandy Richards, Rachel Gutish and Korrie Steede.


Kailub Russell
All of Le Puy-En-Velay  gets into the celebration.

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