Beta has just released its 2022 dual-sport line. The Italian company  will continue to offer more dual-sport bikes than any other maker. All are based on the same basic engine and frame, but they have four different displacements  and each has a very different personality. Below is the official press release from Beta USA.


2022 Beta 430RR-S dual-sport.

Beta USA has worked with their factory in Italy to create the ultimate street-legal off-road Dual Sport and the 2022 model continues with further development. Basically, the same bike as the Race Edition models, the RR-S range is further enhanced for 2022 with a new diaphragm clutch, new LED headlight, and other features that will inspire and enhance the off-road trail-connecting appeal of the RR-S model range.

Available in four different engine sizes, 350, 390, 430, and 500. Each engine offers a different power delivery, which provides riders with a full range of choices. The 350 has a lighter overall feel and a more free-revving engine, the 390 provides many of the characteristics of the 350 but with added torque. The 430 is the closest to an MX model yet and has more of an off-road type power delivery. The best-selling 500 is the “do it all” model, offering the rider plenty of grunt down low with less shifting and a broad range of controllable power.

Available in for displacements various riding abilities and conditions: 350 | 390 | 430 | 500


» Diaphragm Clutch: this new clutch provides a lighter clutch pull while offering more progressive control, significantly reducing rider fatigue. Both engagement and disengagement have been improved, while the clutch is now capable of transmitting even more torque. Riders can also adjust the clutch settings with three different spring options to suit his/her clutch feel.


» Headlight: new LED light with redesigned mask increases the brightness and reduces the voltage requirements.
» Suspension: the rear shock has new compression damping settings with independent high and low-speed damping rates providing the rider with the adjustability for both separate settings. The front forks have also received updated internal valving settings to further enhance the plushness. Also new to the fork are the tubes, different in color thanks to the new anodizing process which improves the surface hardness and corrosion resistance of the tubes.
» Graphics: all models now feature a new all-red color scheme. Combined with the new graphics, which perfectly match the shape and componentry of the bike, the new style gives the bike a very sleek, race-bred look.

AVAILABILITY: September – 2021


350 RR-S: $10,999
390 RR-S: $11,099
430 RR-S: $11,199
500 RR-S: $11,299
plus $399.00 destination fee.
Not included are professional dealer setup, taxes, license, or other required fees.

Log onto www.betausa.com for more information and to locate a dealer near you.

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