We held off on publishing our 2022 450 MX shootout last fall for a very simple reason: the bikes hadn’t changed. We could have just replayed our 2021 shootout and produced the same result. Now, with the near-universal incorporation of special editions in the mix, there’s a more interesting decision to make. KTM, Husqvarna and GasGas have standard models as well as factory replicas. Kawasaki has the original KX450 along with the KX450SR. Honda actually has three different 450 motocross bikes in the line—the original CRF450R is offered alongside the high-end CRF450RWE and the more affordable CRF450R-S. Altogether, we have 12 bikes gathered at once. There are even more, too. We couldn’t obtain a TM MX450Fi or a standard GasGas MC450F because of availability issues. So it came to pass: our 2022 12-bike motocross shootout is finally done. Enjoy.

You can review each of the individual videos for the bikes included below:


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