The Fox Raceway II National played host to the second ever Scouting Moto Combine, which was started to give the country’s top amateur racers a better look at what the day at a Pro Motocross event feels like compared to the amateur nationals that they’ve grown up to be accustom to. The day also gives industry personnel a chance to see how these future stars of the sport fare under the more professional setting, which is almost identical to what they’d be jumping into once they reach the pro ranks. The first of these combines was held last weekend at the Ironman National, where Ryder Difrancesco came back from injury to take the overall win after two 25 minute plus two lap motos. He and Chance Hymas split moto wins on the day with the better second moto finish giving Ryder the win, Chance second and Daxton Bennick third. Yesterday’s race saw an almost complete repeat of last week’s results with Difrancesco and Hymas going one and two, the only change being Hunter Yoder in the third position instead. All of the riders praised the event for it being a great stepping stone to bridge the gap between their amateur and professional careers, all hoping that these races will continue to grow and happen in the future.

Ryder DiFrancesco

Scouting Moto Combine Overall

1 Ryder DiFrancesco 2-1
2 Chance Hymas 1-2
3 Hunter Yoder 5-3
4 Talon Hawkins 4-8
5 Brock Bennett 8-6
6 Gavin Towers 10-5
7 Preston Boespflug 3-14
8 Julien Beaumer 9-7
9 Daxton Bennick 7-9
10 Benjamin Garib 15-4
11 Luke Kalaitzian 6-13
12 Parker Ross 11-10
13 Gavin Brough 13-11
14 Noah Schuring 14-12
15 Collin Davis 12-15
16 Matthew Curler 16-16

Chance Hymas
Preston Boespflug
Daxton Bennick and Luke Kalaitzian
Hunter Yoder
Gavin Towers

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