The 2021 Pro Motocross season is upon us once again and back to somewhat of a normal schedule compared to what last year brought. We’re back to having a full twelve rounds of racing, unlike last year’s nine and we’re beginning the season in May instead of in August like we saw last year. Some of the oddities that still remain are things such as a shakeup in venues, where we will see Fox Raceway host the first and eleventh rounds, Hangtown is scheduled to be the finale, and other tracks that are usually on the docket will not host a national during the 2021 series. Before we get into this year’s racing, though, the Pro Motocross series held a pre-season media day on Tuesday for us to get a first look at the racers post-supercross, and for the riders to get a preview of the course for round one this weekend. So here is a gallery courtesy of Brandon Krause from all the action, showcasing the top riders in both the 250 and 450 classes. If you haven’t already, make sure to also go check out the RAW footage Travis Fant captured from the media day out at Fox Raceway.

450 Class

Zach Osborne is back in the saddle and ready to defend his 2020 championship.
Runner up from the 2020 season, Adam Cianciarulo is also back from injury that he suffered midway through the Supercross season.
Coming into the 2020 season, Eli Tomac had won three consecutive Pro Motocross championships and had just wrapped up his first ever Supercross championship. He fell to third in the points last year and this year was only able to win half as many mains as he did in 2020. With the recent announcement of he and Kawasaki’s separation after the 2021 Pro Motocross season, it’ll be interesting to see how the summer fairs for the number three.
Marvin Musquin came into last summer fresh out of recovery from a knee injury, but we saw some great motos out of him throughout the season. Even in the last few mains of the 2021 Supercross series, he showed bits of the usual Marvin. With that confidence, will we see Musquin at the front of the 2021 field?
The 2020 250 East Coast Supercross champion moved up to the 450 class for outdoors last year ending the season fifth overall, even managing a couple podiums and the final round’s overall win. With a full year under his belt on the 450 now, he should be an even stronger force to be reckoned with.
Christian Craig is another one of the riders who had an early departure from the Supercross season due to injury. While he was on the 250 for the first part of the year, he will be making the jump up to the 450 class starting this weekend, much like he has done in years past.
Justin Barcia’s first year aboard the new GasGas ride faired him quite well in the Supercross series. He once again grabbed the round one win and held onto fourth to end out the season. Now we get to see how BamBam likes the GasGas outdoors this weekend.
In his return to racing in America, Max Anstie finished out the Pro Motocross season ninth in points, which isn’t bad considering he was also coming off an injury he sustained earlier that year. With a couple of trips to the podium for moto finishes last summer and now a full year back in the states on the HEP Suzuki program, Anstie should have an even stronger showing than he did last year.
Aaron Plessinger seems like he is back and better than ever, in regards to his 450 career. He had an incredible season of Supercross, finishing out the year fifth in points aboard the same-but-different motorcycle. His progression has been slow throughout his time in 450 class so far, but being back under the management of Star Yamaha has brought back out some of the old Aaron Plessinger we were used to seeing on 250s. Don’t count him out this summer.
Jason Anderson exited the 2020 Pro Motocross series prematurely due to a problem with a plate in his arm, but with only three-ish rounds in, he was still able to get a moto win, a second overall and a top five moto finish. He’ll be another of many contenders this summer.
The 2020 250 West Coast Supercross and 2020 250 Pro Motocross champion of Dylan Ferrandis has already had an impressive showing aboard the 450 Yamaha machine this year. His style and speed will only be magnified during this Pro Motocross series.
Italy’s Alessandro Lupino has made his way across the pond to take part in the opening race of the 2021 Pro Motocross season this weekend in Southern California. Due to the change in the MXGP schedule, he won’t be able to stick around past that, so hopefully he has a good showing at this first round.
We haven’t seen Phil Nicoletti at a Pro Motocross race in almost three years, but the ClubMX Yamaha rider is back and ready to take on the stacked competition in this year’s 450 class.

250 Class

Jeremy Martin is the only former Pro Motocross champion returning to the 250 class this year. If you add that in with finishing second in the championship last year and him being back with the Star Yamaha crew, he’ll definitely be a strong contender for another title.
Jett Lawrence. The kid’s no fire, there’s no doubt about that. He was last year’s winner at the final stop of the Pro Motocross series and has only continued to add to his resume since. Now on a HRC Honda 250 rather than the Geico bike, the youngster undoubtedly be back up front this year.
The newly crowned 2021 250 West Coast Supercross Champion of Justin Cooper looks to add another championship to his name this summer after finishing up front in the standings the last few years.
RJ Hampshire had a really strong run going last summer until things started to fall apart a bit at the end. Fresh off an injury this year, will he be able to get back to where he was last year?
Mcadoo has been the center of attention a lot so far this year, but probably not in the ways he would want. He grabbed a win at Daytona, had the red plate for a bit and fought hard until the very end, even through everything he had to deal with. Hopefully with some time to recover now, he’ll be back close to 100 percent come Saturday.
Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Jo Shimoda has progressed so much in the last year and I’m willing to bet he’s not quite done yet. He landed on the podium of the final moto of the year last year which seems to have sprung him into 2021 stronger than ever. He got his first ever supercross win this year, too, which only builds up his confidence that much more. Look for him to keep making moves throughout the summer.
For a bit, it seemed like people were starting to think of Hunter Lawrence only as “Jett’s brother”. Make no mistake, there are two extremely talented racers in that Lawrence family, and only one of them held the red plate at some point this year.
The other half of the 2021 250 Supercross champions, Colt Nichols, who missed out on the Pro Motocross season last year, is rolling into this summer with some serious confidence. Back in 2019, he had some strong showings at the nationals, so this year he should be even better yet.
Max Vohland is ready to make his Pro Motocross debut this weekend at Fox Raceway after an abbreviated rookie Supercross season due to injury. He has been back on the bike for awhile now and is looking really strong headed into his first year of outdoors.
Austin Forkner is another rider who has unfortunately been plagued with injury. It crushed his chances of a 2020 Supercross championship, kept him out of the 2020 Pro Motocross championship and ended his 2021 Supercross season early. Although he was ready to race again before the end of Supercross this year, he took the extra time off in order to ensure he was ready for this outdoor championship.
Nate Thrasher is one of the five blazing fast members of the Star Racing Yamaha squad, and with two supercross wins now under his belt in his rookie season, he’s ready to take that momentum with him to the nationals.

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