As the week of racing here at the 40th running of the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championship keeps on rolling, championship battles are already starting to tighten up for some and slip away for others. We have already seen some riders take back to back moto victories, but we’ve also seen riders fall out of championship contention after just a single moto, and we’re just barely getting started. Here’s some more action from today’s racing: (for more information on live broadcasting, race schedules, entry lists, results and more, click here).

Haiden Morgan
125C Start
Tyler More
Ryan Hughes and his vintage steed.
Open Pro Sport start
Preston Kilroy
Jett Reynolds
Luca Marsalisi
Levi Kitchen
Chance Hymas
Hunter Yoder
Kitchen, Romano and crew talk over the first Open Pro Sport moto
All heroes in their own rights.
Chase Yentzer
Unfortunately, Casey Cochran’s championship hopes may have ended today in a gnarly crash, forcing him to be medevacked from the track. No word on his condition yet, but we are hoping the best for him and his family.
Haiden “Dangerboy” Deegan also had his fair shares of misfortune today, having a couple big crashes of his own putting him deep in the field of the first supermini 1 moto. Although out of that one, the supermini 2 title is still definitely well in reach for the Orange Brigade rider.

Thursday Race Order

9 250 B Limited 7:30 am
10 65cc (10-11) Limited 8:00 am
11 Mini Sr. 1 (12-14) 8:30 am
12 Masters (50+) 9:00 am
13 125cc (12-17) B/C 9:30 am
* 250 B 10:00 am
14 Junior (25+) 10:30 am
15 450 C 11:00 am
16 Women 11:30 am
17 College (18-24) 12:00 pm
18 65cc (7-9) 12:30 pm
Intermission 1:00 pm
19 Supermini 1 (12-15) 1:30 pm
20 250 C Jr. (12-17) Limited 2:00 pm
21 450 B Limited 2:30 pm
22 85cc (10-12) 3:00 pm
* Open Pro Sport 3:30 pm
23 Schoolboy 1 (12-17) B/C 4:00 pm
24 Girls (11-16) 4:30 pm
25 250 C Limited 5:00 pm
A 51 (7-8) Sr. Limited 5:30 pm
B 51 (4-6) Jr. Limited
C Mini-E (4-6) Jr.
D 51 (4-6) Shaft Drive Ltd

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