The week here at the 2021 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Motocross Championship is dwindling down to its final days here in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. Championship favorites have shined throughout their first couple of motos already, but nothing is etched in stone just yet. Before we get into the penultimate day at the ranch, here’s a look at what went down on day three of racing: (for more information on live broadcasting, race schedules, entry lists, results and more, click here).

Levi Kitchen
Chance Hymas
Preston Kilroy
Heath Harrison and Brandon Scharer battling during the Open Pro Sport moto.
Hunter Yoder
Jack Chambers
Mark Fineis
Evan Ferry
Collin Allen
Mark Fineis grabbing the Schoolboy 1 (12-17) B/C moto two win.
Haiden Deegan
Krystian Janik
Unfortunately, Enzo Temmerman suffered a crash during the motos yesterday resulting in a concussion, putting a premature end to his week at Loretta’s.
Junior (25+) start
Jake Baumert
Robbie Marshall
Heath Harrison
Mike Brown
Sean Lipanovich
Nick Romano
Marcello Leodorico
Gavin Towers
Talon Hawkins
Women moto two start.
Tayler Allred and Sophia Phelps
Tayla Jones and Korie Steede battle from Women class moto two.
Sophia Phelps leads Tayler Allred.

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