The 2021 KTM 450XC-F is KTM’s flagship off-road racer. It’s a close relative to the 450SX-F motocross bike, using the same frame, motor, gear ratios and suspension components, but it has a number of concessions to off-road riders. The rear wheel is an 18-incher, it had a kickstand, handguards and a larger tank. Also the WP fork and shock are softer. The fork is still the WP Xact air fork, but the recommended air pressure is lower and the valving is more off-road friendly. If you’re a racing-oriented rider, [particualarly out west, this bike was made with you in mind. It’s perfect to GPs and the occasional motocross. If you a a dedicated trail rider, you might find its a little abrupt down low. For those riders, KTM now has the 450XC-W.



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