On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Decal Works we give you a closer look at our 2021 Gas Gas MC65 project that has been plastered all over social media. We built this bike for test rider Jacob Tilley to race the famed Mammoth Mountain MX. Tilley also got to be apart of the Fasthouse mini-ripper team at this years event. As you can tell by the images Kenny Alexander and the Fasthouse crew have teamed up with Hot Wheels, expect an announcement on that collaboration later this year.

Jacob Tilley just moments before he was let loose on the Mammoth Mountain MX track for the first time. Internally the MC65 minimal modifications, Jamie and his crew at Twisted Development did replace the top-end and dial in the jetting for us at the track.

FCP Racing has some titanium bling available for just about any size machine. Their peg pins are stronger and lighter than the OEM units.

The Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 clutch system is a great learning tool for riders new to the idea of a manual clutch. The user can start out with a automatic type setting and as they progress the setting can be dialed back. Eventually the clutch can be switch to a manual system by removing the EXP plate and replacing it with standard plates from Rekluse.

P3 Carbon makes universal carbon fiber hand guard shields that bolt-on to a variety of aftermarket systems. These things not only look great but they can take a beating as well.

Kite now offers complete wheels sets for the Gas Gas MC65 available in a variety of color combinations featuring their billet aluminum hubs and Excel rims. We added Dunlop MX33 tires, Pro X brake rotors and a Pro X drive train to top it all off.

Nihilo Concepts is huge on the mini scene making a large amount of customizable aluminum parts for just about every 50, 65, and 85cc machine on the market. Check out the customized ignition cover in the image below.

Some of the companies involved in this build include Nihilo Concepts, Dunlop, Kite, Pro X, Twisted Development, ODI, P3 Carbon, TM Designworks, and FCP Racing. Ryan and the crew at Throttle Syndicate top the build off with a custom Fasthouse graphics kit and gripper seat cover to match.

Jacob Tilley charging the famous Mammoth Mountain downhill aboard is 2021 Gas Gas MC65.

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