According to rumor, Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City will hold round 11 of the Monster Energy Supercross season at the end of May. The factory teams have already voiced their support for racing to start again as soon as possible, giving Supercross promoters license to explore a number of options. The original plan to begin racing this weekend in Glendale, Arizona was scrapped when that state experienced an uptick in Covid 19 cases. That plan called for two races to be held a week until the remaining seven rounds were complete. Other options discussed were in Texas and Nevada. Now, Utah has apparently relaxed restrictions enough for plans to move forward for a May 31st start date. The teams involved will have conference calls on the subject today. At this point there are a lot of questions with very few answers. Will there be spectators? Unclear, but probably not.  Will there be more rounds to follow in Salt Lake City? Also unclear, but probably so.  All information at this point should be taken with a gain of salt (no pun intended). Rumor has it that there will be an official announcement on Thursday, May 14.

UPDATE: It’s official. For the revised 2020 Supercross schedule, click here.


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