St. Louis picked up where Anaheim 1 left off in the 250 class of the Monster Energy Supercross season. Austin Forkner squared off with Justin Cooper once again up front, but this time, it wasn’t to be a bar-to bar race. Forkner was up front the whole way, playing a game of catch-me-if-you-can. The heartbreak of the night was Dylan Ferrandis who saw his whole race unravel just seconds after the start of the main. For extended coverage of the 2020 St. Louis Supercross, click here.


Jett Lawrence and Austin Forkner went through the first turn side by side, with Forkner eventually getting an edge. Meanwhile, Alex Martin hit Dylan Ferrandis causing a chain reaction with Ferrandis and Michael Mosiman going down. By the time Ferrandis remounted, a full lap had passed. Justin Cooper was then the top Yamaha rider in fifth. Up front, Lawrence paced Forkner and the two of them began to gap Cristian Craig. Within a few laps, Cooper passed Craig and slowly started to reel in the leaders. After the halfway point, things went bad for the Geico Honda team, with Craig going down and Lawrence almost going down. Justin Cooper moved up to second and Brandon Hartranft into third.  Austin Forkner ran a nearly perfect race up front to eventually finish with a safe lead. Cooper’s second place mean that he will keep the red plate going into Anaheim Two.

1 Austin Forkner
2 Justin Cooper
3 Brandon Hartranft
4 Alex Martin
5 Jett Lawrence
6 Jacob Hayes
7 Luke Clout
8 Mitchell Oldenburg
9 Carson Brown
10 Derek Drake
11 Martin Castelo
12 Dylan Ferrandis
13 Aaron Tanti
14 Derek Kelley
15 Killian Auberson
16 Mitchell Falk
17 Michael Leib
18 Robbie Wageman
19 Cheyenne Harmon
20 Michael Mosiman
21 Ludovic Macler
22 Christian Craig

250 HEAT 1

Red Bull TLD KTM rider Derek Drake got the jump that dreams are made of, but then spun a doughnut in the first turn and took out a couple of other riders. That left Michael Mosiman in front with Christian Craig hot on his heals. Craig moved into the lead on the second lap. Behind the leading duo, Luke Clout and Michael Leib were next with Cooper back in the pack. The red plate holder picked off one rider at a time until he finally passed Clout for third on the final lap. Derek Kelley was the final qualifier in ninth place.

1 Christian Craig
2 Michael Mosiman
3 Justin Cooper
4 Luke Clout
5 Michael Leib
6 Brandon Hartranft
7 Killian Auberson
8 Cheyenne Harmon
9 Derek Kelley
10 Aaron Tanti
11 Derek Drake
12 Lorenzo Camporese
13 Chance Blackburn
14 Mitchell Gifford
15 Logan Karnow
16 Todd Bannister
17 RJ Wageman
18 Xylian Ramella
19 Kordel Caro
20 Mathias Jorgensen

250 HEAT 2

Austin Forkner came out swinging by pulling the holeshot, but then lost it to Michell Oldenburg on the first lap. Austin made several frantic repass attempts and finally made it stick on lap two. Meanwhile, Dylan Ferrandis was dealing with a poor start. Soon enough, Ferrandis was in seventh following Jett Lawrence. He got by just before Lawrence and  Taiki Koga collided. Both went down hard, but Lawrence remounted quickly.  As the race came to a close, Forkner pulled away  from Oldenburg, who was dealing with Alex Martin. Jacob Hayes was fourth and had his hands full with Ferrandis. With two lap to go, Ferrandis moved into fourth, but there was a lot of ground between him and Martin, and he came up short of the podium.

1 Austin Forkner
2 Mitchell Oldenburg
3 Alex Martin
4 Dylan Ferrandis
5 Jacob Hayes
6 Robbie Wageman
7 Carson Brown
8 Martin Castelo
9 Jett Lawrence
10 Mitchell Falk
11 Ludovic Macler
12 Devin Harriman
13 Chase Felong
14 Chris Howell
15 Brian Marty
16 Wyatt Lyonsmith
17 Addison Emory
18 Mark Weishaar
19 Charl Van Eeden
20 Taiki Koga


1 Derek Drake
2 Aaron Tanti
3 Mitchell Falk
4 Ludovic Macler
5 Lorenzo Camporese
6 RJ Wageman
7 Chris Howell
8 Devin Harriman
9 Xylian Ramella
10 Todd Bannister
11 Chase Felong
12 Mathias Jorgensen
13 Brian Marty
14 Wyatt Lyonsmith
15 Chance Blackburn
16 Addison Emory
17 Mitchell Gifford
18 Kordel Caro
19 Charl Van Eeden
20 Logan Karnow
21 Mark Weishaar
22 Taiki Koga

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