The showdown between Chase Sexton and Shane McElrath continued as the 250 East riders lined up for the second consecutive race at Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. The points are now tied, with McElrath taking another main event, but Sexton might well have turned in one of the most impressive rides of his career. He went down early and had to fight his way back to the front to keep a piece of the red plate. For extended coverage of Monster Energy Supercross, round 12, click here.

CHASE SEXTON 2020 SALT LAKE CITY ROUND 12 qualifying-8798
Chase Sexton easily won the first heat. photo by Daryl Ecklund.


Chase Sexton got the holeshot with Garrett Marchbanks soon tucking into second. On the second lap, Enzo Lopes went down hard while racing for third. Before long, the race was a blowout, with Sexton checking out and Marchbanks all alone in second. It was a full 10 seconds back to third place Kyle Peters by the time the white flag came out. In the end, it was Sexton, Marchbanks, Kyle Peters, Chris Blose, Jace Owens, Chase Marquier, John Short, Lorenzo Locrucio and Jo Shimoda crossing the finish line.

1 Chase Sexton
2 Garrett Marchbanks
3 Kyle Peters
4 Chris Blose
5 Jace Owen
6 Chase Marquier
7 John Short
8 Lorenzo Locurcio
9 Jo Shimoda
10 Joshua Osby
11 Kevin Moranz
12 Coty Schock
13 Carter Halpain
14 Justin Rodbell
15 Maxwell Sanford
16 Logan Leitzel
17 Vincent Murphy
18 Dillon Cloyed
19 Enzo Lopes
20 Grant Harlan


Shane McElrath took heat two. Photo by Daryl Ecklund.

Shane McElrath started off up front as expected. Pierce Brown was doing well until he went down on the second lap, leaving the order McElrath, Colt Nichols, Justin Starling, Jeremy Martin and Jalek Swoll. Nichols bobbled at the halfway mark, but only lost a few spots. Martin was four second back in second when McElrath made an off-course excursion with four laps to go. In the final laps, the race was evenly spread out, but there was some excitement in watching Brown work his way up. On the final lap, he passed two riders to finish eighth and make the main with one place to spare. Jerry Robin got that final spot.

1 Shane Mcelrath
2 Jeremy Martin
3 Colt Nichols
4 Justin Starling
5 Jalek Swoll
6 Jordan Bailey
7 Darian Sanayei
8 Pierce Brown
9 Jerry Robin
10 Dustin Winter
11 Curren Thurman
12 Hunter Sayles
13 Wilson Fleming
14 Lane Shaw
15 Chad Saultz
16 Luke Neese
17 Travis Delnicki
18 Kyle Dillin
19 Kameron Barboa
20 Nick Gaines


1 Wilson Fleming
2 Joshua Osby
3 Dustin Winter
4 Curren Thurman
5 Luke Neese
6 Kevin Moranz
7 Coty Schock
8 Hunter Sayles
9 Carter Halpain
10 Chad Saultz
11 Logan Leitzel
12 Travis Delnicki
13 Dillon Cloyed
14 Justin Rodbell
15 Maxwell Sanford
16 Vincent Murphy
17 Kameron Barboa
18 Lane Shaw
19 Kyle Dillin
20 Grant Harlan
21 Enzo Lopes
22 Nick Gaines


CHASE SEXTON 2020 SALT LAKE CITY ROUND 12 qualifying-9550

Colt Nichols got a fantastic holeshot with his teammate Shane McElrath in second. Chase Sexton  was fourth, but crashed and was hit by Piece Brown on the second lap.  He remounted all the way back in 17th place.  Nichols and McElrath began to check out with Jace Owen in third. It didn’t take long for Sexton to get into the top 10. His teammate Jeremy Martin soon moved into third, so at least Sexton had an ally up front. McElrath passed his teammate Nichols before the halfway point in the race and picked up the pace slightly. But Sexton was moving up quickly and soon found himself in fifth, with only Jalek Swoll, Martin and Nichols between him and his primary rival. With three laps to go, Sexton was in fourth, 7 seconds behind Martin, who in  turn, was 10 second behind Nichols.  That was too much to make up, and Sexton minimized his damages and will come back to battle on Sunday.

Shane McElrath now is co-owner of the points lead. Photo by Daryl Ecklund.

1 Shane McElrath
2 Colt Nichols
3 Jeremy Martin
4 Chase Sexton
5 Garrett Marchbanks
6 Kyle Peters
7 Jalek Swoll
8 Jo Shimoda
9 Chris Blose
10 Pierce Brown
11 Jace Owen
12 Jordan Bailey
13 John Short
14 Joshua Osby
15 Lorenzo Locurcio
16 Curren Thurman
17 Justin Starling
18 Chase Marquier
19 Dustin Winter
20 Darian Sanayei
21 Wilson Fleming
22 Jerry Robin

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