Moto one results for the 250 and 450 classes at Red Bud MX in Buchanan, Michigan for round five of the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Check back throughout the day as results are updated. (for extended coverage of the 2020 Red Bud Two National, click here)

250 Moto One

It was a couple of the Star Racing Yamaha boys out front early in the first 250 moto, with Ty Masterpool taking the lead of the group and Shane McElrath towing in just behind. RJ Hampshire would eventually get by the both of them, only to venture off the track late in the race, allowing the lead to McElrath. As they crossed the line, it was McElrath, RJ Hampshire and then the 83 Geico Honda of Jett Lawrence. Here are the full 250 moto one results:

1 Shane McElrath
2 RJ Hampshire
3 Jett Lawrence
4 Ty Masterpool
5 Dylan Ferrandis
6 Mitchell Harrison
7 Justin Cooper
8 Alex Martin
9 Stilez Robertson
10 Brandon Hartranft
11 Jeremy Martin
12 Hunter Lawrence
13 Derek   Drake
14 Nick Gaines
15 Jo Shimoda
16 Carson Mumford
17 Mason Gonzales
18 Darian Sanayei
19 Cameron Mcadoo
20 Jerry Robin
21 Hardy Munoz
22 Joseph Crown
23 Jalek   Swoll
24 Kevin Moranz
25 Ryder Floyd
26 Joshua Varize
27 Gabe Gutierres
28 Ezra Hastings
29 Brett Greenley
30 Mathias Jorgensen
31 Maxwell Sanford
32 Colton Eigenmann
33 Walter White
34 Conner Burger
35 Austin Root
36 Tre Fierro
37 Marcus Phelps
38 Gared Steinke
39 Brock Papi
40 Gage Schehr

450 Moto One

In the 450s, Marvin Musquin, Zach Osborne and Adam Cianciarulo all came through the first turn at the front of the pack, but Cianciarulo was able to take control of the lead early on. For about half the race, it seemed like the top ten swapped positions a hundred times. Cianciarulo was able to hold on for his first career 450 moto win ahead of teammate Eli Tomac and the rest. Here are the full 450 moto one results:

1 Adam Cianciarulo
2 Eli Tomac
3 Zachary Osborne
4 Justin Barcia
5 Marvin Musquin
6 Blake Baggett
7 Joseph Savatgy
8 Chase Sexton
9 Broc Tickle
10 Christian Craig
11 Dean Wilson
12 Fredrik Noren
13 Max Anstie
14 Jake Masterpool
15 Ben LaMay
16 Justin Bogle
17 Grant Harlan
18 Robbie Wageman
19 John Short
20 Jeremy Smith
21 Felix Lopez
22 Justin   Rodbell
23 Coty Schock
24 McClellan Hile
25 Justin Hoeft
26 Jerry Lorenz III
27 Henry Miller
28 Matthew Hubert
29 Jared Lesher
30 Bryce Backaus
31 Jeffrey Walker
32 Adam Enticknap
33 Timothy Crosby
34 Bryce Hansen
35 Joshua Berchem
36 Tyler Bowers
37 Scott Meshey
38 Tristan Lane
39 Alex Ray
40 Tristan Lewis

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