As Monster Energy Supercross moved into Glendale, Arizona for round four, Ken Roczen demonstrated that he’s holding the Red Plate of the points leader for a reason. This was the first Triple Crown Format of the year, and he would score a 1-1-1 for an impressive overall win. Eli Tomac and Adam Cianciarulo had speed, but couldn’t keep Roczen from extending his points lead.  For extended coverage of the 2020 Glendale Supercross, click here.


1 Ken Roczen 1 1 1
2  Eli Tomac 2 2 3
3 Jason Anderson 5 3 2
4  Cooper Webb 8 5 4
5 Justin Barcia 6 8 7
6 Justin Brayton 7 7 9
7 Malcolm Stewart 4 14 6
8  Adam Cianciarulo 3 6 17
9  Aaron Plessinger 11 9 8
10  Blake Baggett 12 4 14
11 Martin Davalos 10 16 5
12 Justin Hill 9 13 10
13 Dean Wilson 16 10 11
14 Vince Friese 13 12 12
15 Tyler Bowers 15 15 13
16 Zach Osborne 22 11 18
17 Ryan Breece 19 18
18 Chris Blose 17 17 19
19 Alex Ray 20 20 16
20 Chad Reed 18 19 20
21 Justin Bogle 14 22 22
22 Jerry Robin 21 21 21


Zach Osborne was the early leader in the first main, with Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac and Malcolm Stewart all close behind. On the second lap, Osborne went down, handing the lead to Roczen, but Tomac was hot on his heals. Cianciarulo came up to pass Stewart for third and then Anderson also started closing in. Cooper Webb was buried deep in the pack, but by the halfway point he climbed up into the top 10 by passing Vince Friese. In the meantime, Tomac closed on Roczen and the two of them raced bar to bar for the next six laps. Tomac was faster on some sections, but Roczen would pull away on others. In the end, Roczen held on to the lead and actually pulled slightly away, taking the first Main of the evening.

1 Ken Roczen
2 Eli Tomac
3 Adam Cianciarulo
4 Malcolm Stewart
5 Jason Anderson
6 Justin Barcia
7 Justin Brayton
8 Cooper Webb
9 Justin Hill
10 Martin Davalos
11 Aaron Plessinger
12 Blake Baggett
13 Vince Friese
14 Justin Bogle
15 Tyler Bowers
16 Dean Wilson
17 Chris Blose
18 Chad Reed
19 Ryan Breece
20 Alex Ray
21 Jerry Robin
22 Zach Osborne


The second Main started with a rough first turn as Zach Osborne and Justin Bogle went down.  Cianciarulo, Tomac and Roczen bashed together with Tomac coming out on top, but there was a red flag. The riders returned to the gate while the medical crew tended to Bogle. He suffered minor injuries but was unable to return to the gate. Roczen got the next holeshot while Tomac was fifth behind Cianciarulo, Aaron Plessinger and Webb. Both Cianciarulo and Tomac displaced Plessinger, who then had to worry about Jason Anderson. Roczen quickly developed a small gap while Webb had his hands full staying in front of the two Kawasaki riders. Cianciarulo made a clean pass for second on the third lap, but went down shortly afterward. In the carnage, Tomac managed to pass Webb. At that point, Roczen had a 6-second lead. Through the middle laps, Tomac was unable to close in on Roczen, but Anderson did pass Webb. Blake Baggett also passed Webb, setting up the final order: Roczen, Tomac, Anderson, Baggett, Webb and Cianciarulo.

1 Ken Roczen
2 Eli Tomac
3 Jason Anderson
4 Blake Baggett
5 Cooper Webb
6 Adam Cianciarulo
7 Justin Brayton
8 Justin Barcia
9 Aaron Plessinger
10 Dean Wilson
11 Zach Osborne
12 Vince Friese
13 Justin Hill
14 Malcolm Stewart
15 Tyler Bowers
16 Martin Davalos
17 Chris Blose
18 Ryan Breece
19 Chad Reed
20 Alex Ray
21 Jerry Robin
22 Justin Bogle


Roczen was deep in the pack for the main three start while Martin Davalos and Jason Anderson were close behind. The race was two full laps old when the red flag came out once again, this time for Chris Blose. On the restart, Roczen turned it around. He got out front with Webb and Anderson next. Tomac was fifth but went down and remounted in 14th. Davalos was fourth after two laps with Stewart and Cianciarulo fifth and sixth. Tomac accomplished some serious magic in the early laps to climb all the way to seventh. In the middle of the race, Anderson passed Webb for second and Cianciarulo passed Davalos for fourth. Then Tomac also passed Davalos, which gave him enough points for second in the overall standings. The last laps provided a spectacular race between Webb, Cianciarulo and Tomac. Cianciarulo ultimately fell in the whoops with two laps to go, forcing Webb to wheelie over his bike. That put Tomac in a distant third behind Anderson.

1 Ken Roczen
2 Jason Anderson
3 Eli Tomac
4 Cooper Webb
5 Martin Davalos
6 Malcolm Stewart
7 Justin Barcia
8 Aaron Plessinger
9 Justin Brayton
10 Justin Hill
11 Dean Wilson
12 Vince Friese
13 Tyler Bowers
14 Blake Baggett
15 Ryan Breece
16 Alex Ray
17 Adam Cianciarulo
18 Zach Osborne
19 Chris Blose
20 Chad Reed
21 Jerry Robin
22 Justin Bogle

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