Ken Roczen is on fire in the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season. He just came off a sweep of the Triple Crown in Glendale, and now he and the rest of the pro motocross entourage roll into Oakland, California for round 5 of the season. It came as no surprise, however, when both practice sessions were in the books and Adam Cianciarulo was the fastest man. He’s done that all season, and yet he still hasn’t collected his first win. He currently sits sixth in the points. Eli Tomac has already shaken off his traditional early-season slow start and is in a solid second in the points. He was second in practice, just as he has been in the previous two rounds. As for Roczen, he was sixth, but still well within a second of the fastest time. For extended coverage of the 2020 Oakland Supercross, click here.

Blake Baggett showed good speed in his heat race. Travis Fant photo.

450 HEAT 1

Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen were both in heat one making for a loaded race. It was Roczen who took the holeshot, but Tomac took the lead almost immediately. Then Roczen took it right back. Blake Baggett hooked on to the two of them and they quickly pulled away from Vince Friese, Zach Osborne and Malcolm Stewart.  Baggett didn’t let Roczen and Tomac get away and it was an intense three-way battle for the whole race. With two laps to go, Tomac stalled briefly and lost a spot to Baggett. That fired up Baggett, who made a number of attempts at the lead. Tomac got back into it at the start of the final lap, repassing Baggett for second. Roczen withstood all the chaos to win ahead of Tomac and Baggett, with Stewart a good 10 seconds back.

1 Ken Roczen
2 Eli Tomac
3 Blake Baggett
4 Malcolm Stewart
5 Zach Osborne
6 Vince Friese
7 Tyler Bowers
8 Kyle Chisholm
9 Kyle Cunningham
10 Dean Wilson
11 Adam Enticknap
12 Cade Autenrieth
13 Cade Clason
14 Joan Cros
15 Joel Wightman
16 Aj Catanzaro
17 Josh Greco
18 Jake Hogan
19 James Milson

450 HEAT 2

Justin Hill got the start while Jason Anderson  tangled with Ryan Breece and dropped back to last. Adam Cianciarulo also went down on the first lap, leaving Hill all alone up front.  Aaron Plessinger had the number two spot for a while with Justin Brayton and Justin Barcia right behind him. Cooper Webb passed them all on the fourth lap and stated eat into Hill’s gap. Barcia and Brayton also passed Plessinger.  In the late laps, Cianciarulo and Anderson moved into  transfer spots, and Barcia pulled off the track with a blown engine. His crew would have a very short time to replace the motor for the Last Chance Qualifier.

1 Justin Hill
2 Cooper Webb
3 Justin Brayton
4 Aaron Plessinger
5 Martin Davalos
6 Adam Cianciarulo
7 Jason Anderson
8 Ryan Breece
9 Joshua Cartwright
10 Alex Ray
11 Nick Schmidt
12 James Weeks
13 Curren Thurman
14 Jason Clermont
15 Justin Barcia
16 Deven Raper
17 Alexander Nagy
18 Johnnie Buller
19 Scotty Wennerstrom
20 Theodore Pauli


The motor swap went as smoothly as it cold have for Justin Barcia’s crew and he was on the line for the Last Chance Qualifier with plenty of time to spare. His start wasn’t the greatest, but he was in the lead before a lap was complete. Dean Wilson was also in the LCQ, and soon the two of them were safely in qualifying position with Cade Autenrieth third. Alex Ray provided most of the drama in the race by passing Jason Clermont on the final lap.

1 Justin Barcia
2 Dean Wilson
3 Cade Autenrieth
4 Alex Ray
5 Jason Clermont
6 Adam Enticknap
7 Joan Cros
8 Aj Catanzaro
9 Joel Wightman
10 Theodore Pauli
11 Alexander Nagy
12 Nick Schmidt
13 Josh Greco
14 Deven Raper
15 Scotty Wennerstrom
16 Johnnie Buller
17 James Milson
18 Cade Clason
19 Jake Hogan
20 Curren Thurman
21 James Weeks


1 Adam Cianciarulo 59.448
2 Eli Tomac 59.508
3 Cooper Webb 59.970
4 Blake Baggett 1:00.071
5 Jason Anderson 1:00.110
6 Ken Roczen 1:00.154
7 Justin Hill 1:00.344
8 Zach Osborne 1:00.440
9 Justin Barcia 1:00.519
10 Dean Wilson 1:00.559
11 Justin Brayton 1:00.701
12 Malcolm Stewart 1:00.868
13 Martin Davalos 1:00.966
14 Vince Friese 1:01.274
15 Aaron Plessinger 1:01.750
16 Tyler Bowers 1:01.869
17 Alex Ray 1:02.021
18 Kyle Cunningham 1:03.247
19 Curren Thurman 1:03.605
20 Kyle Chisholm 1:03.945
21 Ryan Breece 1:03.960
22 Cade Autenrieth 1:04.086
23 Joshua Cartwright 1:04.120
24 Adam Enticknap 1:04.196
25 Jason Clermont 1:04.612
26 Cade Clason 1:04.668
27 Nick Schmidt 1:04.675
28 Aj Catanzaro 1:04.786
29 James Weeks 1:05.554
30 Joan Cros 1:05.923
31 Scotty Wennerstrom 1:06.504
32 Josh Greco 1:06.670
33 Deven Raper 1:06.899
34 Joel Wightman 1:06.966
35 Alexander Nagy 1:07.011
36 Jake Hogan 1:07.491
37 Theodore Pauli 1:07.567
38 James Milson 1:09.026
39 Johnnie Buller 1:10.291

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