Eli Tomac came into Daytona this week with high expectations. He’s a three-time winner of the event, and he is arriving with the red plate of the points leader of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season. He isn’t the only points leader, however. Last week Ken Roczen dominated Atlanta while Tomac settled into damage control mode, eventually finishing fourth. Now they both have 200 points. Tomac set the stage by turning the fastest lap in qualifying. Roczen wasn’t far behind, with Cooper Webb, Malcolm Stewart and Jason Anderson next. The other title contender is Justin Barcia, but he was slightly off the pace in 12th. For extended coverage of the 2020 Daytona Supercross, click here.


In heat one, Aaron Plessinger got a clean holeshot with his teammate Justin Barcia second. Ken Roczen moved past Barcia into second within a few turns. The three of them then pulled away quickly with 2018 winner Justin Brayton fourth ahead of Blake Baggett and Malcolm Stewart. Two laps into the race, Roczen took the point and seemed to find another gear. Plessinger then had his hands full with Barcia. In the end, Plessinger held out for second. Surprise! Ryan Sipes qualified for the main in eighth.

1 Ken Roczen
2 Aaron Plessinger
3 Justin Barcia
4 Justin Brayton
5 Malcolm Stewart
6 Blake Baggett
7 Benny Bloss
8 Ryan Sipes
9 Henry Miller
10 Ryan Breece
11 Adam Enticknap
12 Daniel Herrlein
13 Dylan Merriam
14 Charles Lefrancois
15 Ronnie Stewart
16 Preston Taylor
17 Aj Catanzaro
18 Theodore Pauli
19 Cade Clason
20 Scotty Wennerstrom

450 HEAT 2

Cooper Webb shook off the pain from two weeks ago to score a heat win at Daytona. Photo by Travis Fant.

Chad Reed came to life in the second heat, getting a spectacular holeshot and firing up the whole speedway. On the first lap, Cooper Webb moved into the lead with Jason Anderson and Eli Tomac then pressuring Reed hard. Both of them made the pass on the next lap, but this was a loaded heat, so Reed wasn’t out of the woods yet. Vince Friese, Tyler Bowers and Martin Davalos all were looking for his spot. Up front, Webb was riding well in front of the Anderson/Tomac duel. As it came into the last lap, the three of them were closer than ever. Then, on the last go-round, Tomac backed off and Webb was just barely able to hold off Anderson. Reed finished a solid fifth behind Friese. Late in the race, Davalos went down and would have to go to the LCQ.

1 Cooper Webb
2 Jason Anderson
3 Eli Tomac
4 Vince Friese
5 Chad Reed
6 Dean Wilson
7 Justin Hill
8 Tyler Bowers
9 Kyle Chisholm
10 Alex Ray
11 James Weeks
12 Deven Raper
13 Joan Cros
14 Logan Karnow
15 Martin Davalos
16 Jared Lesher
17 Mathias Jorgensen
18 Alexander Nagy
19 Tevin Tapia
20 Nick Schmidt

450 LCQ

Ryan Breece and Adam Enticknap were up front at the start of the LCQ. Martin Davalos was in third by the end of the lap, leaving fourth to be settled between Ronnie Stewart and James Weeks. Pretty soon, Davalos was second pressuring Breece. With two laps to go, Weeks went down hard. On the last lap, three riders were fighting for the fourth and final transfer spot. Daniel Herrlein beat out Stewart and Alex Ray for that position as they crossed the finish line.

1 Ryan Breece
2 Martin Davalos
3 Adam Enticknap
4 Daniel Herrlein
5 Ronnie Stewart
6 Alex Ray
7 Joan Cros
8 Dylan Merriam
9 Charles Lefrancois
10 Jared Lesher
11 Mathias Jorgensen
12 Cade Clason
13 Aj Catanzaro
14 Theodore Pauli
15 Preston Taylor
16 Nick Schmidt
17 Scotty Wennerstrom
18 Alexander Nagy
19 Deven Raper
20 James Weeks
21 Tevin Tapia
22 Logan Karnow

Eli Tomac is a three-time Daytona Supercross winner. He was fastest in combined practice this year. Photo by Travis Fant.


1 Eli Tomac 1:09.357
2 Ken Roczen 1:10.003
3 Cooper Webb 1:10.590
4 Malcolm Stewart 1:10.712
5 Jason Anderson 1:10.751
6 Blake Baggett 1:11.044
7 Dean Wilson 1:11.287
8 Benny Bloss 1:11.739
9 Martin Davalos 1:11.962
10 Aaron Plessinger 1:12.184
11 Justin Hill 1:12.197
12 Justin Barcia 1:12.427
13 Vince Friese 1:12.464
14 Justin Brayton 1:12.557
15 Chad Reed 1:12.777
16 Adam Enticknap 1:13.593
17 Tyler Bowers 1:13.716
18 Ryan Sipes 1:13.753
19 Kyle Chisholm 1:14.384
20 Daniel Herrlein 1:14.651
21 Alex Ray 1:14.801
22 Charles Lefrancois 1:15.681
23 James Weeks 1:15.716
24 Henry Miller 1:15.838
25 Nick Schmidt 1:15.843
26 Ryan Breece 1:16.545
27 Logan Karnow 1:16.613
28 Dylan Merriam 1:16.877
29 Jared Lesher 1:16.888
30 Aj Catanzaro 1:16.898
31 Alexander Nagy 1:17.030
32 Cade Clason 1:17.318
33 Mathias Jorgensen 1:17.341
34 Ronnie Stewart 1:17.922
35 Tevin Tapia 1:18.020
36 Theodore Pauli 1:18.543
37 Joan Cros 1:18.544
38 Preston Taylor 1:18.989
39 Deven Raper 1:19.053
40 Scotty Wennerstrom 1:19.159
41 Davey Fraser 1:19.364
42 Ryan Smith 1:20.478
43 Josh Greco 1:20.901
44 Aaron Leininger 1:22.021
45 Robert Fitch 1:22.154

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