Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Garrett Marchbanks scored his first career Supercross win at Daytona Speedway this week in the 50th running of the event. And he did it against the best riders in his class, proving that he’s another rider to be taken seriously in the 250 East class from this point forward. Chase Sexton had a solid ride in second to stretch out his points lead over Shane McElrath, who went down early in the race and finished fourth. For extended coverage of the 2020 Daytona Supercross, click here.


Shane McElrath got the holeshot while RJ Hampshire was caught in a first turn pile up in the first heat.  Before the first lap was complete, there was another pile up that took out  a half dozen other riders. After that, Jordon Smith and Jordan Bailey had a lot of space in second and third.  Within a few laps, Hampshire was safely in a transfer position at eighth lace. In the end, it was McElrath, Smith and Bailey, still up front. Enzo Lopes scored the final transfer spot.

1 Shane McElrath
2 Jordon Smith
3 Jordan Bailey
4 Jo Shimoda
5 Carter Halpain
6 RJ Hampshire
7 Curren Thurman
8 Jace Owen
9 Enzo Lopes
10 Hunter Sayles
11 Wilson Fleming
12 John Short
13 Chris Canning
14 Jeremy Hand
15 Logan Leitzel
16 Dustin Winter
17 Tristan Lane
18 Kevin Moranz
19 Justin Thompson
20 Travis Sewell


Jeremy Martin made a quick getaway with Garrett Marchbanks second. On the first lap, Sexton was involved in a pile up while in fourth. Marchbanks put together a good drive afterward and passed Martin for the lead. Those two immediately had a massive lead, while Chase Marquier was third. Before long, Sexton was up to fourth.  with Cedric Soubeyras sixth behind Marquier. With two laps to go, Sexton moved into third, but he was almost 20 seconds behind Martin. That’s how they finished, with Justin Rodbell getting the final transfer.

1 Garrett Marchbanks
2 Jeremy Martin
3 Chase Sexton
4 Joshua Hill
5 Chase Marquier
6 Cedric Soubeyras
7 Justin Starling
8 Lorenzo Locurcio
9 Justin Rodbell
10 Bobby Piazza
11 Jalek Swoll
12 Bryton Carroll
13 Cody Vanbuskirk
14 Luke Neese
15 Mason Kerr
16 Grant Harlan
17 Lane Shaw
18 Jerry Robin
19 Nick Gaines
20 Pierce Brown

250 LCQ

Jalek Swoll and Pierce Brown had gone down in their heat and they picked up their battle in the LCQ. They came out of the gate in first and second, respectively. Brown went down on the second lap, leaving Swoll with a big lead over Grant Harlan, Kevin Moranz and Dustin Winter.  Swoll went on to win the race, but Brown came back on the last lap, earning the final qualifying spot at the expense of Maranz. He went on to pass Winter, as well.

1 Jalek Swoll
2 Grant Harlan
3 Pierce Brown
4 Dustin Winter
5 Kevin Moranz
6 Cody Vanbuskirk
7 Jeremy Hand
8 Bobby Piazza
9 Travis Sewell
10 Hunter Sayles
11 Luke Neese
12 Chris Canning
13 John Short
14 Mason Kerr
15 Tristan Lane
16 Bryton Carroll
17 Wilson Fleming
18 Logan Leitzel
19 Lane Shaw
20 Jerry Robin
21 Justin Thompson
22 Nick Gaines


Garrett Marchbanks came out of the hole hard with his teammate Jordon Smith close behind. Shane McElrath and Smith tangled up on the first lap, going down and taking Josh Hill out as well. McElrath picked it up in 10th, but Hill was down longer and Smith was out of the race. Up front, Marchbanks, Chase Sexton and RJ Hampshire were leading with a little gap over Jeremy Martin. Before long, McElrath was up to fifth with Brown, Lopes and Jo Shimoda following. By the halfway point in the race, Marchbanks looked like he could go the distance. Sexton was about two second behind, but seemed unable to close the gap. Hampshire and Martin began to drop back. With two laps to go, it looked like Sexton would make a run on the lead, but Marchbanks answered with a little more speed. In the end, Marchbanks scored his first career Supercross win, and he did it at Daytona.

1 Garrett Marchbanks
2 Chase Sexton
3 Jeremy Martin
4 Rj Hampshire
5 Shane Mcelrath
6 Pierce Brown
7 Jo Shimoda
8 Enzo Lopes
9 Jalek Swoll
10 Cedric Soubeyras
11 Jordan Bailey
12 Lorenzo Locurcio
13 Grant Harlan
14 Jace Owen
15 Justin Starling
16 Curren Thurman
17 Chase Marquier
18 Carter Halpain
19 Dustin Winter
20 Justin Rodbell
21 Joshua Hill
22 Jordon Smith


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