Chase Sexton came into the 2020 Atlanta Supercross with more speed and confidence than ever before. He was co-holder of the red number plate of the points leader when he arrived, but he had it all to himself by the end of the night. After setting the fastest qualifying time, he won his heat and then took the main cleanly. For extended coverage of the 2020 Atlanta Supercross, click here.

250 HEAT 1

Jeremy Martin and Japan’s pride Jo Shimoda jumped into the lead quickly in heat one while Shane McElrath was around fifth. Within two laps, McElrath was in second, but by that time,  Martin was already a few seconds out front. In the short 9-lapper, McElrath made progress, but it wasn’t enough. The final qualifying sport went to Curren Thurman.

1 Jeremy Martin
2 Shane McElrath
3 Pierce Brown
4 Enzo Lopes
5 Jo Shimoda
6 Kevin Moranz
7 Justin Starling
8 Luke Neese
9 Curren Thurman
10 Lorenzo Locurcio
11 Jeremy Hand
12 James Decotis
13 John Short
14 Cedric Soubeyras
15 Richard Jackson
16 Travis Sewell
17 Grant Harlan
18 Tristan Lane
19 Dustin Winter
20 Kobe Heffner

250 HEAT 2

Chase Sexton has clearly stepped it up since the season opener at Tampa. Photo by Travis Fant.

RJ Hampshire and Chase Sexton had a good battle in the early laps of heat 2.  Sexton took over on the third lap and took it home, leaving RJ to deal with Jordon Smith. The two of them went back and forth, but eventually, Smith captured the runner-up position.  The final transfer spot went to Jalek Swoll.

1 Chase Sexton
2 Jordon Smith
3 RJ Hampshire
4 Nick Gaines
5 Garrett Marchbanks
6 Joshua Hill
7 Jordan Bailey
8 Hunter Sayles
9 Jalek Swoll
10 Justin Thompson
11 Cody Vanbuskirk
12 Lance Kobusch
13 Carter Halpain
14 Tj Albright
15 Bobby Piazza
16 Brock Papi
17 Carter Stephenson
18 Ezra Hastings
19 Zane Merrett
20 Jerry Robin


Grant Harlan got the start in the LCQ and was looking good–he was actually the last man to get into the night show. After a few laps, Lance Kobusch, Cedric Soubeyras and Jimmy Decotis were in the next three spots, and that’s how they finished.

1 Grant Harlan
2 Lance Kobusch
3 Cedric Soubeyras
4 James Decotis
5 Jeremy Hand
6 Tristan Lane
7 Jerry Robin
8 Brock Papi
9 Richard Jackson
10 Zane Merrett
11 Justin Thompson
12 Carter Stephenson
13 Cody Vanbuskirk
14 Ezra Hastings
15 Carter Halpain
16 Dustin Winter
17 Bobby Piazza
18 Lorenzo Locurcio
19 Travis Sewell
20 John Short
21 Tj Albright
22 Kobe Heffner


RJ Hampshire got the start, but Chase Sexton and Shane McElrath were close behind him. Jeremy Martin and Jordon Smith were close as well, so all the big guns were up front for the main. McElrath passed Sexton on the third laps, but Sexton came right back in the split lane and passed him back. Then Sexton found a little more speed and closed in on Hampshire. Sexton spent about half the race without making a real move, then picked his spot and bumped Hampshire out of the lead. Hampshire almost lost it a few laps later, but managed to stay upright without losing a spot. Martin wasn’t as lucky. In the same spot, Martin crashed out, dropping to 16th. As the race went on, McElrath could do nothing to get around Hampshire, while Sexton pulled farther away. Smith was all alone in fourth, while Marchbanks and Shimoda were avout 10 seconds farther back in fifth sixth. With two laps to go Shimoda moved past Marchbanks, who slowed dramatically with  some sort of issue. Sexton won with more tha five seconds over Hampshire and McElrath.

1 Chase Sexton
2 RJ Hampshire
3 Shane McElrath
4 Jordon Smith
5 Jo Shimoda
6 Enzo Lopes
7 Garrett Marchbanks
8 Nick Gaines
9 Jalek Swoll
10 Joshua Hill
11 Cedric Soubeyras
12 Jordan Bailey
13 James Decotis
14 Kevin Moranz
15 Hunter Sayles
16 Justin Starling
17 Pierce Brown
18 Grant Harlan
19 Jeremy Martin
20 Luke Neese
21 Curren Thurman
22 Lance Kobusch


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