AMA Supercross is back at Angel Stadium this weekend. If any stadium is the home of Supercross, this is it. This will be the 75th time that premier Supercross has been held in this stadium. This is the second of two visits in 2020, and there have often been three Anaheim rounds in a single season since 1976, when Mary Smith won the main event. Often, A1 is anomalous, with an underdog rider winning and then suffering misfortune as the season progresses. A2 is usually more of an indicator of how the season will unfold. That’s how it went last year with  Cooper Webb scoring at A2 and then going on to win the title.

This year, however, Justin Barcia has already backed up his A1 win with a strong second place in St. Louis despite an obvious case of the flu. To see him how sick he was in the post race interview makes his race that much more impressive.  Roczen is clearly for real.  After A1 he posted that his suspension was too stiff, which some regarded as him making excuses. If there’s anything we know about Kenny, though, is that he states facts, not excuses. For extended coverage of 2020 Anaheim 2 Supercross, click here.


As usual, the track layout has changed. The dirt remains in the stadium for over a month for the Monster Jam events. That, as it turns out, is Feld Entertainment’s real business. Supercross is secondary.  The new track will have a slightly longer start and similar whoops. You never really know until practice. Last week’s layout is inset in the map above.



1 Justin Barcia 49
2 Ken Roczen 43
3 Adam Cianciarulo 39
4 Jason Anderson 39
5 Eli Tomac 35
6 Blake Baggett 33
7 Cooper Webb 32
8 Malcolm Stewart 31
9 Justin Brayton 30
10 Zach Osborne 27
11 Aaron Plessinger 24
12 Justin Hill 24
13 Vince Friese 22
14 Dean Wilson 20
15 Justin Bogle 15
16 Martin Davalos 9
17 Chris Blose 8
18 Kyle Cunningham 7
19 Chad Reed 7
20 Benny Bloss 6
21 Tyler Bowers 6
22 Alex Ray 4
23 Kyle Chisholm 4
24 James Decotis 4
25 Fredrik Noren 2

In the 250 class, the most devastating consequence of St. Louis was the fact that Cameron McAdoo will be out for a while. He suffered a collapsed lung and was hospitalized. Taiki Koga fell in a heap with Jett Lawrence in their heat, but both will be back for A2. Dylan Ferrandis reports that he suffered no injury in his first lap crash in St. Louis, but his season is already in need of some healing. He finished 12th and now is 14 points behind. Clearly Austin Forkner has the speed to win every round if he can keep it on two wheels and on the track.  He will have a hard time with 22-year old Justin Cooper, who already seems more mature than anyone in the room.


1 Justin Cooper 49
2 Austin Forkner 44
3 Brandon Hartranft 37
4 Dylan Ferrandis 34
5 Alex Martin 32
6 Jett Lawrence 32
7 Jacob Hayes 29
8 Derek Drake 28
9 Christian Craig 22
10 Michael Mosiman 22
11 Mitchell Oldenburg 22
12 Carson Brown 22
13 Luke Clout 18
14 Cameron Mcadoo 17
15 Michael Leib 17
16 Killian Auberson 17
17 Robbie Wageman 15
18 Derek Kelley 13
19 Martin Castelo 12
20 Aaron Tanti 10
21 Mitchell Falk 8
22 Jay Wilson 6
23 Logan Karnow 5
24 Cheyenne Harmon 4
25 Chris Howell 3
26 Ludovic Macler 2

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