Round 2 of the 2020 Supercross season in Anaheim, California

2020 Anaheim 2 Supercross

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Chad Reed
Chad Reed’s last Anaheim in his career. Anaheim 47

Round 3 of the 2020 Supercross season will be the final time we see Chad Reed race supercross in Angel Stadium . Chad has made a mark on the sport and the fans in California. Chad was able to capture wins and battle some of the fastest competitors in this stadium over his long career as a professional.

ken roczen whip
Ken Roczen having some fun during hot laps.
Justin Cooper charging hard
Justin Cooper with his red plated YZ250F
justin brayton and justin barcia
Justin Barcia and Justin Brayton trying to make it to corner first.
dylan ferrandis
A lot of controversy surrounding Dylan after last night with Christian Craig
eli tomac win
Eli Tomac wins Anaheim 2 in the 450 class
jett lawerence
Jett suffered from a broken collarbone in Anaheim
fireworks in anaheim
The night show begins in Anaheim

cooper webb with mechanic

Cooper Webb with mechanic Carlos Rivera of Red Bull KTM Factory Racing getting ready to line up for the Heat Race. anaheim 2 heat start eli tomac anaheim 2 2020 cooper webb anaheim 2 2020 jett lawerence jett lawerence anaheim 2020 michael mosiman rockstar husqvarna anaheim 2

Anaheim 2 heat race start
Some of the fastest in the 450 class for 2020
blag Baggett corner anaheim 2020
Blake Baggett cornering at Anaheim

eli tomac anaheim 2 charging Dean Wilson Rockstar Husqvarna Vince Friese corner anaheim 2 Dean Wilson charging at Anaheim 2 2020 adam cianciarulo anaheim 2 Dylan Ferrandis 2020 Anaheim Austin Forkner 2020 Anaheim 2 Justin Cooper Anaheim 2 2020 Justin Brayton Anaheim 2 2020 justin barcia anaheim 2020 adam cianciarulo anaheim 2 2020 eli tomac anaheim 2 2020

The mayhem in the first rhythm section of a Supercross. Anything can happen and change the outcome of the race in the first few sections.

A lot of booing was heard in the stands during the podium ceremony for the 250 class. What are your thoughts on the pass with Christian Craig?

chad reed anaheim 2 2020
Chad Reed’s last Anaheim race
Eli Tomac Anaheim 2020 Supercross
Eli Tomac was looking fast all day on his Kawasaki KX450
chad reed anaheim 2 2020
Chad Reed in timed practice

alex martin anaheim 2 2020

The 450 rookie Adam Cianciarulo on his Kawasaki KX450 in timed qualifying.

Justin will lose the red plate for roudn 4 but he is only a couple points behind Ken Roczen. It is going to be a long season.

Dean Wilson on the gas with his Rockstar Husqvarna FC450 ken roczen honda crf450r christian craig anaheim 2 2020

Austin Forker had ups and down through the day. We know he will be back in Phoenix ready to fight again in the 250 Supercross class. Eli tomac win in anaheim justin hill anaheim 2 2020 eli tomac scrub anaheim 2 2020

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