So far, this final run of the 2020 season has been a standoff between Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac and KTM’s Cooper Webb, but Kenny Roczen made an amazing comeback this weekend to re-insert himself in the chase.  The factory Honda rider had tested positive for shingles, which is a painful nerve disease related to chicken pox, but seemed to shake that off and was the dominant rider of the day, winning both his heat and the main. As it stands, Tomac now enjoys a 24-point lead, which means his still safe, but might not be able to wrap up the championship with a race to spare. For more coverage of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross season, click here.


Benny Bloss took his career first heat win. Photo by Travis Fant.

After setting the second fastest qualifying time of the day, Benny Bloss continued one of this best days ever by taking the heat one win. For most of the race, Martin Davalos  was in front, with Bloss close behind. When Davalos went down with three laps to go, Bloss inherited the lead, but Dean Wilson was right on his heals. Wilson made a pass, with two laps to go, but Bloss came right back. “Wilson passed me, but I said ‘I’m this close to my first ever heat race, I’m not letting it happen!” said Bloss afterward.

1 Benny Bloss
2 Dean Wilson
3 Justin Barcia
4 Chad Reed
5 Zach Osborne
6 Justin Brayton
7 Justin Hill
8 Martin Davalos
9 Adam Enticknap
10 Alex Ray
11 Ryan Breece
12 Nick Schmidt
13 Kyle Cunningham
14 Mason Kerr
15 Scotty Wennerstrom
16 Curren Thurman
17 Preston Taylor
18 Deven Raper
19 John Short


Ken Roczen took a loaded second heat. Photo by Travis Fant.

The second heat was loaded with all of the series favorites and it was Kenny Roczen on top when they rounded the first run. Malcolm Stewart was second and after a lap, Eli Tomac was third ahead of Jason Anderson and Blake Baggett. Within a few laps, Baggett went down and Tomac passed Stewart for second. In the final laps, Tomac never made a serious challenge for the lead The biggest battle on the track was Cooper Webb pushing to take fourth place away from Jason Anderson, but it never happened.

1 Ken Roczen
2 Eli Tomac
3 Malcolm Stewart
4 Jason Anderson
5 Cooper Webb
6 Aaron Plessinger
7 Vince Friese
8 Tyler Bowers
9 Kyle Chisholm
10 Broc Tickle
11 Fredrik Noren
12 Joshua Cartwright
13 Carlen Gardner
14 Carter Stephenson
15 Cade Clason
16 Alexander Nagy
17 Theodore Pauli
18 Tevin Tapia
19 Blake Baggett
20 Josh Greco

450 LCQ

Blake Baggett had to make a trip to the LCQ. Photo by Travis Fant.

The 450 LCQ had some heavy hitters, with both Bake Baggett and Croc Tickle going down in their respective heat races. Baggett took a relatively uneventful win wit Tickle taking second ahead of Ryan Breece and Mason Kerr.

1 Blake Baggett
2 Broc Tickle
3 Ryan Breece
4 Mason Kerr
5 Cade Clason
6 Fredrik Noren
7 Deven Raper
8 Nick Schmidt
9 Curren Thurman
10 Alexander Nagy
11 Joshua Cartwright
12 Theodore Pauli
13 Scotty Wennerstrom
14 Preston Taylor
15 Carter Stephenson
16 Tevin Tapia
17 Alex Ray
18 Josh Greco
19 Carlen Gardner
20 Kyle Cunningham
21 John Short

450 MAIN

Ken Roczen made an amazing comeback for round 15. Photo by Travis Fant.


All the favorites were up front in the first turn, but it was Cooper Webb who ended up with the lead. Tomac was rattled around a little in the first turn, but recovered for sixth place. Jason Anderson, however, went down early, leaving Webb and Kenny Roczen in front. Four laps into the race, Roczen took the lead from Webb while Zach Osborne held on to third and Malcolm Stewart was fourth. Tomac then came up to join those two. The order rearranged itself with Tomac taking third, Stewart fourth and Osborne fifth. Benny Bloss, Vince Friese, Justin Hill and Jason Anderson all were involved in a pile up just before the halfway mark. Through the next few laps Roczen’s lead grew, then stabilized and Tomac couldn’t seem to close  on Webb. In the end, Roczen took the win and moved back into second in the points, while Tomac seemed content to let his massive points lead shrink only slightly.

1 Ken Roczen
2 Cooper Webb
3 Eli Tomac
4 Zach Osborne
5 Malcolm Stewart
6 Dean Wilson
7 Blake Baggett
8 Justin Brayton
9 Justin Barcia
10 Aaron Plessinger
11 Chad Reed
12 Broc Tickle
13 Benny Bloss
14 Justin Hill
15 Tyler Bowers
16 Kyle Chisholm
17 Vince Friese
18 Adam Enticknap
19 Martin Davalos
20 Ryan Breece
21 Mason Kerr
22 Jason Anderson

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