For the 250 classes, the 2019 AMA Supercross season finished nothing like it began.  The 250 Eastern Regional Championship took an unexpected turn in Nashville, when point leader Austin Forkner injured his knee in practice and dropped out of the race. For the Western Regional Championship, the upset would occur this week in the final race of the season.  The Las Vegas East/West Shootout would pay points in both championships. The race started with Dylan Ferrandis getting an uncharacteristically good start right behind RJ Hampshire. Ferrandis took over quickly and set sail, while the two red plate holders of Sexton and Cianciarulo battled for fourth behind Hampshire and Cameron Madoo. If the race had stayed like that, Ferrandis would have won the race, but come up short in the Western Championship. For Sexton, he was sitting pretty in the East, as  rivalJustin Cooper suffered a miserable start. Cianciarulo passed Sexton and then moved into third a few laps later by passing Hampshire. Everything came apart for him on lap 10. That was when Cianciarulo clipped a tuff block and wend down hard. He tried to remount, but his bars were badly bent and the bike was essentially unrideable. Ferrandis took the win and the Western Championship. Sexton, by finishing fourth, won the Eastern title. Throughout the race, teammates Mcadoo and Hampshire went back and forth, with Hampshire eventually coming out ahead. For extended coverage of the 2019 Las Vegas Supercross, click here.

For the standings in both the 250 East and 250 Western Regional  championships, click here.

1 Dylan Ferrandis
2 Rj Hampshire
3 Cameron Mcadoo
4 Chase Sexton
5 Alex Martin
6 Colt Nichols
7 Michael Mosiman
8 Justin Cooper
9 Martin Davalos
10 Garrett Marchbanks
11 Brandon Hartranft
12 Kyle Peters
13 Jordan Bailey
14 John Short
15 Lorenzo Locurcio
16 Justin Starling
17 Chase Marquier
18 James Decotis
19 Mitchell Falk
20 Adam Cianciarulo
21 Kyle Cunningham
22 Chris Blose


The first heat of the night was exclusively for the 250 West riders. RJ Hampshire got into the lead early while the title contenders were buried in the pack. Dylan Ferrandis, in particular, gated poorly.  Adam Cianciarulo was around sixth, but Michael Mosiman was having another great race, not far behind Hampshire. Ferrandis spend a little time racing with his teammate Colt Nichols, but eventually worked his way forward. By the end, Cianciarulo caught up to Mosiman, but couldn’t make the pass. Ferrandis was fourth.

1 Rj Hampshire
2 Michael Mosiman
3 Adam Cianciarulo
4 Dylan Ferrandis
5 Colt Nichols
6 Cameron Mcadoo
7 Garrett Marchbanks
8 Chris Blose
9 James Decotis
10 Jerry Robin
11 Enzo Lopes
12 Justin Starling
13 Logan Karnow
14 Dylan Merriam
15 Chris Howell
16 Killian Auberson
17 Robbie Wageman
18 Mathias Jorgensen
19 Bradley Lionnet
20 Martin Castelo


Chase Sexton did exactly was he had to do against his eastern rivals. He pulled the holeshot and began to check out almost immediately. Justin Cooper and Mitchell Oldenburg were barely within the top 10. As the race progressed, only Martin Davalos was able to stay within a straight of Sexton. Oldenburg eventually fell forcing a trip to the LCQ.

1 Chase Sexton
2 Martin Davalos
3 Kyle Peters
4 Kyle Cunningham
5 Brandon Hartranft
6 Justin Cooper
7 John Short
8 Jordan Bailey
9 Alex Martin
10 Mitchell Falk
11 Cade Autenrieth
12 Mitchell Oldenburg
13 Lorenzo Locurcio
14 Joshua Cartwright
15 Steven Clarke
16 Chase Marquier
17 Bradley Taft
18 Dustin Winter
19 Joshua Osby
20 Anthony Rodriguez

250 LCQ

The pressure was on for Mitchell Oldenburg in the LCQ after his heat race crash. He started close behind Mitchell Falk and took the lead on the second lap.  A few laps later, Oldenburg fell and was trapped under the bike, losing any chance of getting into the main. Falk then retook the lead and had to deal with Lorenzo Locurcio from Venezuela and Justin Starling. With two laps to go Locurcio passed Falk to take the win.

1 Lorenzo Locurcio
2 Mitchell Falk
3 Justin Starling
4 Chase Marquier
5 Cade Autenrieth
6 Joshua Osby
7 Killian Auberson
8 Robbie Wageman
9 Joshua Cartwright
10 Dylan Merriam
11 Dustin Winter
12 Chris Howell
13 Bradley Lionnet
14 Logan Karnow
15 Mathias Jorgensen
16 Steven Clarke
17 Bradley Taft
18 Mitchell Oldenburg
19 Martin Castelo
20 Jerry Robin
21 Enzo Lopes
22 Anthony Rodriguez


1 Mitchell Oldenburg 59.150
2 Chase Sexton 59.380
3 Martin Davalos 59.881
4 Justin Cooper 1:00.605
5 Alex Martin 1:00.702
6 Brandon Hartranft 1:01.108
7 Kyle Peters 1:01.491
8 Joshua Osby 1:02.024
9 Mitchell Falk 1:02.108
10 John Short 1:02.182
11 Anthony Rodriguez 1:02.246
12 Cade Autenrieth 1:02.539
13 Jordan Bailey 1:02.577
14 Kyle Cunningham 1:02.688
15 Lorenzo Locurcio 1:02.832
16 Joshua Cartwright 1:03.148
17 Chase Marquier 1:03.527
18 Dustin Winter 1:04.522
19 Steven Clarke 1:04.730
20 Bradley Taft 1:05.316
21 Justin Thompson 1:05.758
22 Coty Schock 1:06.092
23 Kevin Moranz 1:07.983
24 Locky Kennedy 1:11.328
25 Uli Stocker 1:14.937

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