Justin Cooper got the motos rolling today by grabbing the holeshot and leading the early stages of the race. A mistake in the Unadilla rollers sent him off the bike and onto the ground, allowing Adam Cianciarulo around him and into the lead. Dylan Ferrandis challenged for the lead, too, even almost making the pass when Cianciarulo made a small mistake, but Adam gathered himself up to take the moto win. Ferrandis ended up second and Chase Sexton made his way up into third Here are the remaining results from the first 250 moto from round ten of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship at Unadilla MX: (For extended coverage of the 2019 Unadilla National MX, click here.)

250 Moto One

1 Adam Cianciarulo
2 Dylan Ferrandis
3 Chase Sexton
4 Justin Cooper
5 Colt Nichols
6 Michael Mosiman
7 Alex Martin
8 Shane McElrath
9 Mitchell Oldenburg
10 Brandon Hartranft
11 Ty Masterpool
12 R.J. Hampshire
13 Garrett Marchbanks
14 Derek Drake
15 Jordan Bailey
16 Carson Mumford
17 Kyle Peters
18 Martin Davalos
19 Marshal Weltin
20 Jerry Robin
21 Jett Lawrence
22 Jalek Swoll
23 Justin Thompson
24 Kevin Moranz
25 Zane Merrett
26 Yusuke Watanabe
27 Mitchell Falk
28 Vincent Luhovey
29 Benjamin Nelko
30 Austin Root
31 Alexander Nagy
32 Jeffrey Walker
33 Ramyller Alves
34 Cameron McAdoo
35 Nick Gaines
36 Jo Shimoda
37 Joey Crown
38 Jacob Hayes
39 Sean Cantrell
40 James Harrington

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