We’re down to just the last three rounds of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship already, with round ten set to start tomorrow morning in New Berlin, New York at the world famous Unadilla Motocross park. The riders have had a few weekends off over the summer, but no more breaks for the rest of this home stretch, just three weekends, back-to-back-to-back to determine this year’s champions. Unadilla always marks some big moments for the year, here’s what to lookout for this weekend: (For extended coverage of the 2019 Unadilla National MX, click here.)

Photo by Brandon Krause

As it is usually the time we hear about who will be competing for the USA at the MXoN that year. Although the two current points leaders, Eli Tomac and Adam Cianciarulo, have proven themselves more than worthy to join the list of names that have represented America in the past, Kawasaki announced this week that nobody from the Kawasaki teams will be considered for a position due to some scheduling conflicts.

Photo by Brandon Krause

This also comes at the same time that Adam Cianciarulo finally released that he will be joining Tomac on the Factory Kawasaki team on a 450 starting at this year’s Monster Energy Cup.

Photo by Brandon Krause

The weekend off last week was to refrain from any overlap of the Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National, which hosts a handful of riders that will now be making their professional debuts tomorrow at Unadilla. Three of these rookies will be under the Geico Honda tent, Carson Mumford, Jo Shimoda and Jett Lawrence.

Carson Mumford has been apart of the Amsoil Honda Amateur efforts for awhile now, being the first of the team to develop and race the Honda CRF150R for a couple of years, which led to him to big bikes and now his pro debut.

Photo by Brandon Krause

Jo Shimoda was picked up by the amateur squad almost three years ago, quickly and quietly progressing over the years with the team.

Photo by Brandon Krause

Jett Lawrence is the team’s newest prospect. Brought over with his older brother Hunter this year, Jett has made an impact in just the few short months he’s been here. He was set to come away from Loretta’s this year with two titles, but bad luck kept him from both. After turning sixteen just on Wednesday this week, Jett is ready to go for his pro debut tomorrow.

The Rockstar Energy/Husqvarna team has a rookie of their own coming out of the amateur ranks this weekend, Jalek Swoll. Swoll ended his amateur career on a high-note, leaving Loretta Lynn’s last week with the Open Pro Sport title in his hands. That confidence might just bring some good results in his pro debut.

Photo by Brandon Krause

Aside from the novelty news of the year, Eli Tomac and Adam Cianciarulo are both still carrying their respective red plates into tomorrow’s race. Tomac now has a two moto lead over Marvin Musquin back in second place, giving him a lot of breathing room on his way to a third consecutive 450 class championship in the outdoors.

Photo by Brandon Krause

Cianciarulo has a 28 point lead over his championship rival, Dylan Ferrandis, which may “only” be a little more than a one moto gap, but still provides enough comfort leading into these last few races. Dyan Ferrandis, though, has proven himself to be a threat whenever he gets a good start. We saw this at Washougal two weekends ago when he ended the day with 1-1 moto scores.

Photo by Brandon Krause

450 Points Coming Into Unadilla

1 Eli Tomac 392
2 Marvin Musquin 342
3 Ken Roczen 335
4 Cooper Webb 324
5 Jason Anderson 304
6 Zach Osborne 295
7 Justin Barcia 221
8 Justin Bogle 185
9 Fredrik Noren 182
10 Blake Baggett 175
11 Dean Ferris 136
12 Joey Savatgy 97
13 John Short 89
14 Henry Miller 87
15 Lorenzo Locurcio 86
16 Benny Bloss 84
17 Ben LaMay 75
18 Tyler Bowers 66
19 Dean Wilson 63
20 Cole Seely 59
21 Justin Hill 51
22 Aaron Plessinger 48
23 Todd Waters 46
24 Jake Masterpool 35
25 Coty Schock 25
26 Taiki Koga 23
27 James Weeks 23
28 Toshiki Tomita 21
29 Isaac Teasdale 18
30 Dylan Merriam 18
31 Kyle Cunningham 16
32 Kyle Chisholm 13
34 Cody Cooper 6
33 Tristan Lane 6
35 Erki Kahro 5
36 Ryan Dowd 5
37 Matthew Hubert 5
38 Felix Lopez 3
39 Mathias Jorgensen 3
40 Dustin Winter 3
41 Chris Canning 2
42 Dare DeMartile 2
46 Cade Autenrieth 1
43 Heath Harrison 1
44 Brandan Leith 1
45 Noah Mcconahy 1

250 Points Coming Into Unadilla

1 Adam Cianciarulo 394
2 Dylan Ferrandis 366
3 Justin Cooper 346
4 Colt Nichols 261
5 R.J. Hampshire 254
6 Hunter Lawrence 233
7 Alex Martin 229
8 Michael Mosiman 220
9 Chase Sexton 214
10 Shane McElrath 181
11 Ty Masterpool 144
12 Brandon Hartranft 127
13 Cameron McAdoo 121
14 Garrett Marchbanks 88
15 Jacob Hayes 86
16 Jordan Bailey 73
17 Derek Drake 71
18 Kyle Peters 70
19 Christian Craig 67
20 Mitchell Oldenburg 62
21 Wilson Todd 56
22 Martin Davalos 54
23 Nick Gaines 46
24 Jordon Smith 38
25 Kevin Moranz 28
26 Ramyller Alves 25
27 Jerry Robin 20
28 Mitchell Falk 19
29 Pierce Brown 18
30 Zane Merrett 12
31 Thomas Covington 10
32 Parker Mashburn 9
33 Sean Cantrell 7
34 Killian Auberson 6
35 Justin Thompson 5
36 Joey Crown 4
37 Martin Castelo 4
38 Challen Tennant 4
39 Yusuke Watanabe 3
40 Hayden Halstead 2
41 Benjamin Nelko 1

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