Star Racing/Yamaha’s Justin Cooper takes yet another first moto win this year, his third so far, only this time it was at Thunder Valley MX in Lakewood, CO. Cooper didn’t get out to the early lead, however. Instead, it was his teammate, the rookie Ty Masterpool who got the holeshot and led the rest of the 250 pack around until RJ Hampshire and Adam Cianciarulo quickly got around Masterpool. It didn’t take long after that for Justin Cooper to make his way past both Cianciarulo and then Hampshire to take the lead, where he would stay until the checkered and red flags flew, due to some lightning near the track. Here are the rest of the results from first 250 moto: (For extended coverage of the 2019 Thunder Valley National MX, click here)

250 MOTO 1

1 Justin Cooper
2 Adam Cianciarulo
3 Dylan Ferrandis
4 Michael Mosiman
5 R.J. Hampshire
6 Ty Masterpool
7 Chase Sexton
8 Shane McElrath
9 Alex Martin
10 Hunter Lawrence
11 Jordon Smith
12 Garrett Marchbanks
13 Colt Nichols
14 Wilson Todd
15 Christian Craig
16 Brandon Hartranft
17 Jacob Hayes
18 Kyle Peters
19 Martin Davalos
20 Jerry Robin
21 Martin Castelo
22 Derek Drake
23 Zane Merrett
24 Nick Gaines
25 Killian Auberson
26 Yusuke Watanabe
27 Benjamin Nelko
28 Tyler Lowe
29 Zack Williams
30 Thomas Covington
31 Grant Wall
32 Dylan Bolinger
33 Dalton Dyer
34 Wade Brommel
35 Cody Williams
36 Maxwell Sanford
37 Chase Felong
38 Nathen Laporte
39 Challen Tennant
40 Jordan Bailey

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