With inches of water on the ground and a shortened track, the 250 class riders took to the track for the first moto of the day. Privateer Ramyller Alves jumped out front of the pack early, but an off track excursion coming around the first turn put him further back in the pack. Hunter Lawrence, Adam Cianciarulo and Alex Martin took advantage of good starts and led the 250 field around for the remainder of the race. Cianciarulo took a dive off the side of a roller, allowing Martin to pass. From there, the gaps between first and second, and second and third built up enough to where the battles amongst the riders settled down, but the battle from the elements raged on as many riders suffered mechanical DNFs. Hunter Lawrence pulled through to the finish, however, taking the first 250 class moto win, with Alex Martin in second and Adam Cianciarulo in third. Here’s how the rest of the 250 riders rounded out the first moto: (For extended coverage of the 2019 Spring Creek National MX, click here.)

250 Moto One:

1 Hunter Lawrence
2 Alex Martin
3 Adam Cianciarulo
4 Shane McElrath
5 Dylan Ferrandis
6 R.J. Hampshire
7 Justin Cooper
8 Mitchell Falk
9 Cameron McAdoo
10 Garrett Marchbanks
11 Ty Masterpool
12 Kevin Moranz
13 Zane Merrett
14 Colt Nichols
15 Ramyller Alves
16 Nick Gaines
17 Kyle Peters
18 Derek Drake
19 Jordan Bailey
20 Sean Cantrell
21 Michael Mosiman
22 Jerry Robin
23 Jacob Hayes
24 Nathen Laporte
25 Zack Williams
26 Yusuke Watanabe
27 Chase Sexton
28 Adrian Galamba
29 Mitchell Oldenburg
30 Daniel Lippman
31 Joshua Philbrick
32 Christian Craig
33 Jeffrey Walker
34 Alexander Nagy
35 Brandon Hartranft
36 Carter Gordon
37 Philip Maus
38 Matthew Klann
39 Scott Meshey
40 Curren Thurman

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