The 3Bros Six Hours of Glen Helen should have been a nice, easy race, with moist dirt and good weather between storms in Southern California. As it turned out, the race was far more demanding than anyone expected. The surface appeared to be dry and solid on the single track around the Glen Helen facility, but weeks of rainfall had saturated the ground so thoroughly that it didn’t take long for sections to turn into Blackwater West. Section after section of the nine-mile course had to be taken out as the race progressed. In the end, it was still a long, challenging course, but a pro lap time was under 16 minutes by the end of the day, where it had been over 20 at the start. Through all the drama, the Precision Concepts team of Blayne Thompson and Dylan Bennett was in control of the race. Blayne got the holeshot and never lost the lead. The Nick Stover/Evan Kelly team stayed within a few seconds in the early laps on a KTM 250XC, leading the 250 Expert class in the process.


Blayne Thompson rode most of the race solo for the Precision Concepts team. His partner Dylan Bennett rode in the final hour when Thompson’s Kawasaki started running poorly.

Third place overall and second in the 250 Expert class went to the Gravity TM team, which included Robby Schott, Ty Cullins and J Levvitt. They didn’t have the greatest start but came through the pack. Same goes for the ZipTy Racing Gas Gas team of Jacob Alvarez and Trevor Blanton. They struggled with bottlenecks on the first laps and spent most of the race catching up. In the end, they were fourth overall and second in the open expert class. In the overall standings, there was considerable drama late in the race. Thompson’s Kawasaki started running poorly, so they switched to a back-up bike. The same thing happened to Stover. Both teams survived without losing position. The biggest class was the Ironman division where Wes Nemec won. He held the lead throughout most of the race, only dropping back for a few laps in the middle. Zipty Racing organized the Junior Challenge again, with several minicycle teams. Jett Lessing and Lane Forbes finished on top. Dustyn Davis and Tristin Alvarez were second head of Kyle Heald and Brock Smith. Peyton Maas, Louis Lord and Jesse Miller rode a Husky 65 and finished 11 laps, finishing 93rd overall ahead of 32 adult teams. For full results, go to www.glenhelen.com.

Nick Stover’s team defended two-stroke honor by winning the 250 class and earning second overall.
Jacob Alvarez was second 250 expert.
Robby Schott rode with J Leavitt and Ty Cullins on a Gravity TM.


The biggest class of the day was the Ironman division. Wes Nemec was fast all day.
Dustyn Davis seemed to deal with the mud bogs more easily than most of the big bikes.
Steven Miller’s team topped the 40 Junior class.
Third in the Ironman division was Carlos Montalvan.
Kay Kay Nielsen won the Ironwoman in the mini  division.
Jon Rice put together a 2004 Honda for his assault on the Ironman class.
Jett Lessing is a Glen Helen regular for the SRA GPs.
Jeff Harris gets a little loose.
Homan and Lane race through the sand whoops.
Arturo Salas was fourth 450 Expert.

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