Eli Tomac  made one of his classic charges from the back in moto one of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross at Fox Raceway this week. At the start he could only watch as Ken Roczen beat out Blake Baggett on the way to the first turn. Roczen started to set sail after that. Baggett crashed out and Marvin Musquin passed Jason Anderson for second. Tomac was up to around fifth place after a few laps, but he had Cooper Webb in front of him and he can be a very difficult man to pass. As the race went on, it only got closer up front, eventually turning into a four-way battle for the lead. Tomac passed Webb, Anderson,  Musquin and eventually Roczen to take the lead and the win.

Ken Roczen looked like the first moto would be his, but Tomac was coming.

“Luckily the lead guys didn’t get away,” said Tomac. “At one point I wasn’t feel so hot, but about halfway I started feeling better and kept trucking along.”

Marvin Musquin said he felt “like himself” again.

Roczen was clearly frustrated to have lost the lead so late in the race. “I made a couple of big mistakes,” he said. “I didn’t feel so hot in that moto and I didn’t have it toward the end. I’ll have to watch the 250s and see if I can learn something.” For extended coverage of the Fox Raceway National MX, click here.

Tomac spent a portion of the race chasing Cooper Webb.


1 Eli Tomac
2 Ken Roczen
3 Marvin Musquin
4 Jason Anderson
5 Zachary Osborne
6 Cooper Webb
7 Justin Barcia
8 Justin Hill
9 Fredrik Noren
10 Dean Ferris
11 Cole Seely
12 Justin Bogle
13 Jake Masterpool
14 Lorenzo Locurcio
15 Dylan Merriam
16 Todd Waters
17 Erki Kahro
18 Tyler Bowers
19 Henry Miller
20 Brandan Leith
21 Robert Piazza
22 Taiki Koga
23 Dare Demartile
24 Toshiki Tomita
25 Mathias Jorgensen
26 James Weeks
27 Alex Ray
28 Dustin Winter
29 Cody Cooper
30 Matthew Hubert
31 Derek Kelley
32 Keylan Meston
33 Blake Baggett
34 RJ Wageman
35 Jeremy Smith
36 Christopher Alldredge
37 Ben Lamay
38 Cade Autenrieth
39 Justin Hoeft
40 Casey Brennan




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