Two weeks of racing at Mammoth Mountain concluded on Sunday with a total of over 2700 entries. The racing started on the vet weekend of June 22-23. That saw the +30, +40, +50 and +60 riders on the course, each class completing several times. The star of that weekend was Jeremy McGrath, who entered in the 40+ A class and the Vintage 2 (76-89) classes where he won five out of the six races he competed in. Over the past several months McGrath has been working on building a special vintage motorcycle, a 1989 KX500, and that very bike made its racing debut at the Smoke and Fire Vintage 2 (76-89) race where he won.

Jeremy McGrath brought out a big KX500.

The mini race days took place on June 25-26 (Tuesday–Wednesday)., followed by the Open Racing, Schoolboy 1&2, 25 yrs and 125 All-Star classes on June 28. Max Vohland was the top rider in the Supermini class, although Talon Hawkins did come out on top of one moto on Wednesday in that class and finished second both days. Ryder DiFrancesco took on the challenge of competing in four classes aboard his KX85 and KX100 motorcycles and was able to take home the championship in the Mini Sr 2 (10-15) class.

Ryder DiFrancesco raced in four classes.

Saturday, June 29 was 250 Day, and also featured the FMF 2 Stroke Challenge, College Boy and 125cc 12-17.  Matas Inda took the FMF race on his Yamaha YZ250 over Brock Bennett and Blayne Thompson. The 250 Pro class was the  first of many races where Jett Lawrence, Carson Mumford, Robbie Wageman and Justin Hoeft waged war.  Lawrence was the top man on the smaller bikes where he traded motos with Mumford. In the 450s the next day, Wageman won the first moto over his close friend Hoeft. He was third the next time up behind Lawrence and Hoeft. That gave Hoeft the overall. For full results from the 2019 Mammoth MX, click here.

Stiltz Robertson entered in three classes including Schoolboy 2, 250 B and the 250 B/C Open, where he was able to win five out of six motos and capture two overall championships.

1st   JUSTIN HOEFT  – YAM  2nd 2nd
2nd   ROBBIE WAGEMAN  – YAM  1st 3rd
3rd   JETT LAWRENCE  – HON  5th 1st
4th   RYAN SURRATT  – KAW  3rd 4th
5th   CARSON MUMFORD  – HON  7th 5th
6th   RJ WAGEMAN  – SUZ  6th 7th
7th   CARTER HALPAIN  – YAM  11th 6th
8th   RICHARD TAYLOR  – SUZ  13th 8th
9th   COLTON AECK  – HON  9th 12th
10th   LANCE KOBUSCH  – SUZ  8th 14th
11th   BRADEN ONEAL  – YAM  15th 9th
12th   KAI AIELLO  – KTM  14th 10th
13th   BRAYDEN LESSLER  – YAM  17th 11th
14th   DYLAN GALLIETT  – KAW  16th 16th
15th   BLAKE COBBIN  – KTM  19th 15th
16th   MASON OLSON  – KTM  22nd 17th
17th   BRADLEY DENTON  – HON  20th 20th
18th   ZACHARY SPANO  – KTM  23rd 18th
19th   AUSTIN JOHNSON  – HON  24th 19th
20th   BRANDON MOORE  – KTM  21st 24th

Ryan Surratt was fourth in the 450 pro class.

1st   JETT LAWRENCE  – HON  2nd 1st
2nd   CARSON MUMFORD  – HON  1st 2nd
3rd   JUSTIN HOEFT  – YAM  3rd 3rd
4th   ROBBIE WAGEMAN  – YAM  4th 4th
5th   LANCE KOBUSCH  – SUZ  5th 5th
6th   RICHARD TAYLOR  – SUZ  6th 7th
7th   TYSON JOHNSON  – KTM  8th 6th
8th   KYLE GREESON  – KTM  11th 8th
9th   CIARAN NARAN  – HSK  9th 12th
10th   MCCLELLAN HILE  – SUZ  12th 11th
11th   KAI AIELLO  – KTM  10th 15th
12th   BRADEN ONEAL  – YAM  18th 10th
13th   CARSON CARR  – YAM  16th 13th
14th   JAKE MOHNIKE  – YAM  14th 16th
15th   FRANKY MARTINI  – YAM  13th 18th
16th   GAIGE DEMARS  – KTM  15th 17th
17th   BRANDON SUSSMAN  – YAM  17th 19th
18th   TYLER DUCRAY  – KTM  19th 21st
19th   BRANDON MOORE  – KTM  22nd 20th
20th   KYLE MURPHY  – HON  20th 22nd

Off road racer Blayne Thompson raced a number of classes with his best result in the two-stroke ranks.

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