On this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday we give you the first look at our 2019 KTM300 XC project with Vertex Pistons. This is the last year KTM made their 300cc XC carbureted model available to the public before switching everything over to fuel injection. We packed 2-Stroke Theater full of off-road two-stroke projects in the RAW created by Travis Fant that you don’t want to miss. If you are a fan of 300cc two-strokes the exclusive link to a Japanese manufactures 300cc motocross bike at the bottom of this post is a must see!



The last of a dying bread. KTM’s 2019 KTM300 XC was the last off-road bike to come off the assembly line fitted with a carburetor . We love this motorcycle to this day. It had some issues but we love it anyways. On this project we worked with companies like Vertex, FMF, IMS Products, TM Designworks, Dunlop, ODI Handlebars and much more.

Enduro Engineering makes a wrap-around hand guard system that features replaceable plastic shields available in multiple colors.

TM Designworks offers different protection items for the KTM 300cc XC models. Here is a close up look at their rear brake caliper and disc guard.

The 300 XC model comes off the assembly line with a Mikuni carburetor, we changed it to a Keihin similar to what was used pre 2016.

IMS Products makes a variety of different size tanks for just about every off-road bike KTM makes. We went slightly larger than stock to get some more time on the trails before having to refuel.

ODI Podium handlebars offer a little more flex than the OEM units and the half waffle lock-on grips have a great features that allows you to remove the end of the grip easily.

FMF’s new Titanium 2.1 silencer and platinum pipe give our project a little more performance.

Decal Works gave our project a clean look that was racing inspired. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel for some more on this build shortly.


If you are a fan of 300cc two-strokes check out this insane YZ300 we built with Wrench 42 Motorsports. Click on the image below for more information, we promise you won’t be disappointed !


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