The twelfth and final round of the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is all set and ready to go tomorrow morning here at Ironman Raceway in Crawfordsville, Indiana. With Eli Tomac winning the 450 class championship last weekend and a round early, all eyes are on the fight between Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis for the 250 championship. With a 30-point gap between the two, Cianciarulo has the chance to wrap up the championship after just the first moto, as long as everything goes smoothly, otherwise we could see the title come down to the final laps of the season. With the 250 championship on the line, there’s no telling what might happen tomorrow. Here’s what you should be looking out for: (for extended coverage of the 2019 Ironman National MX, click here.)

Adam Cianciarulo (Photo by Brandon Krause)

250 Class

Like it was said above, the 250 class title is still up for grabs. Dylan Ferrandis and Adam Cianciarulo have both proven themselves the elite members of the smaller bore class and thus have found their seasons coming down to the final two motos. Cianciarulo currently sits ahead in the points with 479 while Ferrandis is back at 449 points.

Dylan Ferrandis (Photo by Brandon Krause)

For Cianciarulo to win the championship, he could DNF the first moto tomorrow and finish second in the second moto, a highly unlikely situation, though. There was a moment last weekend that had people talking, when Ferrandis ran it in on Cianciarulo in a corner, creating speculation as to whether we were going to see the title chase turn physical and have Adam retaliate this weekend at Ironman. The smartest thing for Adam to do at this point is to just finish. He has a solid thirty point cushion that he doesn’t need to throw away to “get back at” Dylan.

Adam Cianciarulo (Photo by Brandon Krause)

Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, the 2019 Ironman National MX is still a pretty significant day in Adam Cianciarulo’s racing career, as it’s his last day on a Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki and on a 250 four-stroke. It seems like yesterday the Florida native was just jumping up from his supermini to the full size bike, now with plenty of ups and downs behind him in the “Lites” class, he is set to tackle the 450s come the 2019 Monster Energy Cup and beyond.

250 Points Standings

1 Adam Cianciarulo 479
2 Dylan Ferrandis 449
3 Justin Cooper 419
4 R.J. Hampshire 310
5 Colt Nichols 292
6 Chase Sexton 278
7 Alex Martin 277
8 Shane McElrath 260
9 Michael Mosiman 258
10 Hunter Lawrence 252
11 Ty Masterpool 186
12 Brandon Hartranft 158
13 Cameron McAdoo 146
14 Garrett Marchbanks 108
15 Jordan Bailey 105
17 Mitchell Oldenburg 90
16 Kyle Peters 90
18 Jacob Hayes 86
19 Derek Drake 83
20 Martin Davalos 78
21 Christian Craig 67
22 Wilson Todd 56
23 Nick Gaines 54
24 Jordon Smith 38
26 Kevin Moranz 28
25 Mitchell Falk 28
27 Ramyller Alves 25
28 Jerry Robin 24
29 Pierce Brown 18
30 Jo Shimoda 17
31 Jett Lawrence 13
32 Zane Merrett 12
33 Thomas Covington 10
34 Parker Mashburn 9
35 Marshal Weltin 8
36 Enzo Lopes 7
37 Sean Cantrell 7
39 Carson Mumford 6
38 Killian Auberson 6
40 Justin Thompson 5
43 Challen Tennant 4
41 Joey Crown 4
42 Martin Castelo 4
44 Yusuke Watanabe 3
45 Hayden Halstead 2
46 Jalek Swoll 2
47 Benjamin Nelko 1

Photo by Brandon Krause

450 Class

Now that the 450 class championship has already been wrapped up, there are a few ways tomorrow could go. Eli Tomac, the now three-time reigning champion, has no pressure to lay it all out on the line now, but a race win bonus is pretty nice. He could already be on Monster Energy Cup and Supercross mode, too, or he could be ready for a vacation. There are all sorts of possibilities, but no matter which Eli Tomac we see tomorrow, he’ll still be bringing that number one plate back with him for the start of the 2020 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

Marvin Musquin (Photo by Brandon Krause)

Red Bull/KTM Factory Racing’s Marvin Musquin fell just one point short last weekend from carrying his championship hopes into the final round, as well, but even if he had, the task would have been near impossible. Strange bursts of speed out of the Frenchman kept him in the game, but it never seemed to be enough to get ahold of the point lead throughout the summer. With only five points separating he and Ken Roczen, there could definitely be a battle between those two tomorrow afternoon.

Ken Roczen (Photo by Brandon Krause)

Ken Roczen jump started his 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship hunt off by grabbing the early points lead, trading on and off with Eli Tomac for several rounds. A few races in, though, and it almost seemed like he had hit a wall, unable to obtain the speed he had during the weekends before and falling back in the points chase. Now at the end of the championship, he has rebounded a little bit and has ran back towards the front again, but too little too late. The distance between Roczen and Musquin in the points is something Kenny is sure to want to close by the end of tomorrow to makeup for a disappointing season.

450 Points Standings

1 Eli Tomac 476
2 Marvin Musquin 426
3 Ken Roczen 421
4 Jason Anderson 376
5 Zach Osborne 365
6 Cooper Webb 324
7 Justin Barcia 283
8 Fredrik Noren 218
9 Justin Bogle 210
10 Blake Baggett 175
11 Dean Ferris 136
12 Benny Bloss 134
13 Joey Savatgy 127
14 John Short 125
15 Dean Wilson 114
16 Lorenzo Locurcio 103
17 Henry Miller 102
18 Ben LaMay 84
19 Tyler Bowers 84
20 Aaron Plessinger 75
21 Cole Seely 59
22 Kyle Cunningham 58
23 Justin Hill 51
24 James Weeks 48
25 Todd Waters 46
26 Coty Schock 38
27 Jake Masterpool 35
28 Toshiki Tomita 31
29 Isaac Teasdale 31
30 Taiki Koga 23
31 Dylan Merriam 18
32 Kyle Chisholm 13
33 Tristan Lane 6
34 Cody Cooper 6
35 Erki Kahro 5
37 Matthew Hubert 5
36 Ryan Dowd 5
38 Jeremy Hand 4
39 Felix Lopez 3
40 Mathias Jorgensen 3
41 Dustin Winter 3
42 Jacob Runkles 2
43 Chris Canning 2
44 Dare DeMartile 2
45 Caleb Tennant 2
49 Noah Mcconahy 1
50 Cade Autenrieth 1
47 Heath Harrison 1
48 Brandan Leith 1
46 Jeremy Smith 1

2019 MXoN Team USA – Jason Anderson, Justin Cooper and Zach Osborne (Photo by Brandon Krause)

2019 MXoN Team USA

Last weekend, the 2019 MXoN USA was announced, consisting of Rockstar Energy/Husqvarna’s Zach Osborne competing in MX1, Star Racing/Yamaha’s Justin Cooper in MX2, and Rockstar Energy/Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson riding in the MX Open class. Today we got a first look at the team’s patriotic get-ups for the international competition being held on September 29 in Assen, Netherlands. Here are a few photos of the team:

Zach Osborne (Photo by Brandon Krause)
Justin Cooper (Photo by Brandon Krause)
Jason Anderson (Photo by Brandon Krause)
Photo by Brandon Krause
Photo by Brandon Krause

Track Map

History of the Ironman National

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