Adam Cianciarulo of the Pro Circuit Kawasaki team had the 250  West points lead coming into the 2019 Houston Supercross, but Star Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis was riding well and looking good after his first career Supercross win the previous week. It was the final Triple Crown race of the year, which means there were three main events in the evening show. Only the overall results will pay toward the championship, and there were 12 points separating Cianciarulo and Ferrandis at the start of the day, with two rounds after Houston.


It was a crazy night for the 250 west riders. Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis were on another level, and it looked like it might be a real one-on-one battle between those two. They never quite met on the track, however, with poor starts hitting one or the other in each of the three main events. In the end, it was the second win in a row for Ferrandis, closing up the points race to five points.

Dylan Ferrandis 2 1 2 26
Rj Hampshire 3 2 4 23
Colt Nichols 5 4 1 21
Adam Cianciarulo 1 10 3 19
James Decotis 6 5 6 18
Cameron Mcadoo 9 6 5 17
Justin Starling 12 8 8 16
Sean Cantrell 11 7 13 15
GarrettMarchbanks 10 3 19 14
Chris Blose 8 19 7 13
Martin Castelo 15 12 9 12
Michael Mosiman 4 18 14 11
Jacob Hayes 7 20 10 10
Michael Leib 16 9 12 9
Logan Karnow 17 13 11 8
Dylan Merriam 13 11 20 7
Brandan Leith 19 14 15 6
Killian Auberson 14 16 18 5
Mathias Jorgensen 20 15 16 4
Chris Howell 18 17 17 3
Bradley Lionnet 21 21 21 2
Robbie Wageman 22 22 22 1


Adam Cianciarulo emerged from first turn carnage with the lead, while Cameron Mcadoo made an off-track excursion. Dyan Ferrandis didn’t come out of the chaos very well, and ended up around 10th. Jimmy DeCotis kept pressure on Cianciarulo in the early laps, but eventually he faded back, probably feeling the effects of a bad practice crash.  RJ Hamshire moved past Decotis about halfway through the race. In the following laps, Ferrandis was the fastest man on the track, catching up to Hampshire and setting up a  battle for second place.  At the start of the final lap, Ferrandis moved into second, but there was no hope of catching Cianciarulo. Hampshire was third.

1. Adam Cianciarulo
2. Dylan Ferrandis
3. Rj Hampshire
4. Michael Mosiman
5. Colt Nichols
6. James Decotis
7. Jacob Hayes
8. Chris Blose
9. Cameron Mcadoo
10. Garrett Marchbanks
11. Sean Cantrell
12. Justin Starling
13. Dylan Merriam
14. Killian Auberson
15. Martin Castelo
16. Michael Leib
17. Logan Karnow
18. Chris Howell
19. Brandan Leith
20. Mathias Jorgensen
21. Bradley Lionnet
22. Robbie Wageman


Adam Cianciarulo got a good jump, but went off the track after the first run. He came back outside the top 10, but  things would only get worse for him. Chris Blose was in the front with RJ Hamshire and Dylan Ferrandis close behind. Ferrandis passed Hamshire immediately and a few laps later, he tangled with Blose trying to take the lead. Blose got the short end of that, and then Ferrandis set sail. Cianciarulo then crashed on the blind side of a jump and had to watch as his bike was run over. He made a quick trip into the pits, but when he came out, he was all the way back in 18th.  In the remainder of the race, Cianciarulo was able to catch up to 10th place. Hampshire was second ahead of Cianciarulo’s teammate Garrett Marchbanks.

1  Dylan Ferrandis
2  Rj Hampshire
3  Garrett Marchbanks
4  Colt Nichols
5  James Decotis
6  Cameron Mcadoo
7  Sean Cantrell
8  Justin Starling
9  Michael Leib
10  Adam Cianciarulo
11  Dylan Merriam
12  Martin Castelo
13  Logan Karnow
14  Brandan Leith
15  Mathias Jorgensen
16  Killian Auberson
17  Chris Howell
18  Michael Mosiman
19  Chris Blose
20  Jacob Hayes
21  Bradley Lionnet
22  Robbie Wageman


The evening continued to disintegrate for Adam Cianciarulo at the start of the third main event. Once again he had trouble getting through the first turn clean while Colt Nichols and Dylan Ferrandis were up front. To make things worse, Adam tangled with Sean Cantrel and then hit a downed Michael Mosiman in the whoops and lost more time. Nichols continued to lead with Ferrandis playing it cool in second throughout the race. Cianciarulo caught all the way up to a distant thrid.  “It comes down to it all being my fault,” said Cianciarulo. “I could say this guy went down in front of me or that happened, but I put myself in those positions.  Man I felt so good tonight, it just didn’t work out. I like a good battle, so it’s on.”

1 Colt Nichols
2 Dylan Ferrandis
3 Adam Cianciarulo
4 Rj Hampshire
5 Cameron Mcadoo
6 James Decotis
7 Chris Blose
8 Justin Starling
9 Martin Castelo
10 Jacob Hayes
11 Logan Karnow
12 Michael Leib
13 Sean Cantrell
14 Michael Mosiman
15 Brandan Leith
16 Mathias Jorgensen
17 Chris Howell
18 Killian Auberson
19 Garrett Marchbanks
20 Dylan Merriam
21 Bradley Lionnet
22 Robbie Wageman


Adam Cianciarulo edged out Dylan Ferrandis in timed qualifying. Photo By Travis Fant.

After both timed practices, it was clear who would be on top in Houston in the 250W class. Adam Cianciarulo and Dylan Ferrandis were far in front, and clearly inspiring each other to push harder. In the end, Cianciarulo had the fastest time by a fraction of a second. In the 250B ranks, it was Michael Leib making his debut Supercross of 2019. His best time put him in 14th and guaranteed a spot in the main event(s). After the top 18 riders, the rest will go to the Last Chance Qualifier.

Michael Leib was on top of the 250 B group, earning a spot in the three main events. Photo by Travis Fant.

1. Adam Cianciarulo 47.431
2. Dylan Ferrandis 47.517
3. Chris Blose 48.494
4. Rj Hampshire 48.710
5. Colt Nichols 48.790
6. Michael Mosiman 48.809
7. James Decotis 48.947
8. Jacob Hayes 49.432
9. Garrett Marchbanks 49.616
10. Cameron Mcadoo 50.241
11. Justin Starling 50.546
12. Sean Cantrell 51.354
13. Robbie Wageman 51.637
14. Michael Leib 51.652
15. Bradley Lionnet 51.755
16. Chris Howell 51.764
17. Dylan Merriam 51.800
18. Logan Karnow 51.933
19. Killian Auberson 52.070
20. Martin Castelo 52.398
21. Mathias Jorgensen 52.538
22. Brandan Leith 52.593
23. Vann Martin 52.861
24. Joan Cros 54.296
25. Johnny Garcia 54.354
26. Devin Harriman 54.461
27. Deegan Vonlossberg 55.668
28. Charl Van Eeden 56.009
29. Rj Wageman 56.455

250 LCQ

Brandon Leith made the final cut with a win in the Last Chance Qualifier. Killian Auberson and last week’s near miss Mathias Jorgensen also made it. Martin Castelo fell in the second turn and finally made it to the final transfer spot.

1. Brandan Leith
2. Killian Auberson
3. Mathias Jorgensen
4. Martin Castelo
5. Devin Harriman
6. Joan Cros
7. Johnny Garcia
8. Vann Martin
9. Charl Van Eeden
10. Rj Wageman
11. Deegan Vonlossberg





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