Honda just announced that it will produce a serious 450cc dual-sport bike for 2019. The CRF450L is said to be a hard-core off-road bike in the same vein as the KTM EXC line. The official Honda release appears below.

A new Honda dual-sport bike has finally arrived, and it’s based on the CRF450R motocross bike–titanium tank and all.

The trails are calling, and the all-new road-legal CRF450L answers, expanding customers’ off-road possibilities by enabling access to the best riding trails, even when that means connecting them via asphalt roads. Street legality is achieved via features like LED lighting, mirrors, and a dedicated exhaust system. Equally at home in the woods or desert, the CRF450L has a wide-ratio six-speed transmission for maximum adaptability, while a lightweight, 2.0-gallon tank offers great range. Compared to the CRF450R motocrosser, crank mass is up for tractability in technical conditions, where a large-capacity radiator keeps things cool.


• Color: Red
• Target Price: $10,399
• Availability: September
• Info: https://powersports.honda.com/2019/crf450L.aspx

The 2019 Honda CRF450L is clearly at shot across KTM’s bow.

CRF450L Key Features

• Lightweight, 2.0-gallon titanium fuel tank for long range
• Riding time maximized by lightweight, compact LED lighting system, featuring headlight with high-intensity projection for illuminating broad area
• Rear-view mirrors
• Lightweight lithium-ion battery with increased capacity compared to CRF450R, to power electrical components
• Lightweight, compact digital meter with black characters on a white liquid-crystal background is easily legible while riding

The CRF450L’s motor has a Unicam valve train and a downdraft intake like the 450R.

Engine/Drivetrain • 449.7cc Unicam® engine specially tailored for trail-to-trail riding
• Finger rocker arm contributes to compact layout while using dedicated design to attain off-road-specific power characteristics. DLC surface treatment reduces friction
• Dedicated valve timing for smooth power delivery in technical riding
• High crank inertia (up 12% over CRF450R) for tractable power delivery in technical terrain
• 12.0:1 compression ratio

• New piston with three-ring design
• Wide-ratio six-speed transmission is ready for a wide variety of off-road terrain or road going
• Special clutch design enables light lever pull. Primary damper mechanism with friction springs suppresses engine torque fluctuations, ensuring smooth running
• Large-capacity radiators with high heat-exchange efficiency for strong performance in demanding off-road conditions

• Electric fan and thermostat control engine temperature in brutal conditions
• ECU with dedicated settings
• Noise emissions minimized via covers on the left and right crank cases
• Powerful AC generator for street-legal lighting
• Air cleaner box
• Dedicated single-muffler exhaust system provides great sound while meeting emissions requirements

A Showa coil-spring fork handles the front suspension of the 2019 Honda CRF450L.


• Aluminum twin-spar frame designed for nimble-yet-stable handling on trails
• Subframe designed to ensure optimum rigidity balance appropriate for carrying tools
• 49mm Showa fork with dedicated settings for trail-to-trail riding
• Shock based on that of the CRF450R but with dedicated settings and link ratio for off-road riding
• Front brake uses design from CRF450R, but with better fade resistance thanks to thicker discs and large-capacity reservoir

• Endless sealed chain, which withstands the elements
• Front and rear sprockets, produced in durable steel material, which feature damper system for smooth, quiet running
• Urethane injection in swingarm to reduce road noise
• Fuel tank cap with a cut-off valve prevents fuel from flowing out of tank if the bike is on its side
• LED turn signals with flexible mounts for durability
• Easily accessible electronic component box on left side of the frame
• Black 7/8” Renthal handlebar with red pad
• Compact, lightweight handlebar switches
• In-mold graphics are resistant to peeling caused by washing or abrasion
• IRC GP-21F/GP-22R tires provide great balance of on- and off-road performance
• Black rims for strong presence

The Honda CRF450L is street legal in all 50 states.

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