The GPX Moto TSE250R imported by PitsterPro is the main focus on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday brought to you by Boyesen. This machine sure looks the part. The 2-Stroke Theater section has a mix of project bike videos and stock bike videos for you to enjoy. Husqvarna fans check out the exclusive link to our TX300 off-road project at the bottom of this post.

The GPX Moto TSE250R is one of the first full size off-road two-stroke dirt bikes we have seen come out of China. Is it designed to go up against what Yamaha, KTM, Husky, Gas Gas, TM Racing and others have out on the market now? We don’t think so. The TSE250R is a entry level machine and is priced accordingly at $5,600.

The TSE250R comes with a tail light system including mounting for blinkers and a license plate. 

The engine is a clone of a Yamaha DT 230 enduro with Six speed wide ratio gear box, oil injection and counter balanced designed for tractor like performance characteristics . Peg, Triple Clamps and shifter are CNC machined. Check out the air chamber/snorkel device on the intake and mechanical power valve set up.

Handgaurds, headlight and an onboard digital trip display unit come stock on the off-road model.

Braking systems are designed after the popular Brembo units but made by ZHUA featuring steel braided lines. As you can see the suspension looks similar to WP components designed with compression and rebound adjustments on both the shock and fork.

The 230cc engine is also 100% electric start with the starter motor located underneath the engine. 

Is this an off-road race bike? No, but it is an economically priced trail bike that just might get people out on the trails having fun. Who knows maybe the TSE250R owner will upgrade to a more race oriented model when their pocket book and skill level allow it. For more information on the 2019 GPX TSE250R head over to www.gpxmoto.com


If you like the bike featured on this week’s Two-Stroke Tuesday check out this sweet Husqvarna TX300 off-road project we did! Click the image below for more information. 

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