For 2019 Honda has revamped the CRF110F with styling and even some technology straight off the CRF Performance Line of closed-course completion models. The main focus for Honda with its CRF110F is all about introducing new riders to the sport in a fun, hassle-free way.

The 2019 Honda CRF110F model features a long list of changes that come directly from the CRF “R” competition model range, but we want to be perfectly clear this is not a race bike. With Honda’s CRF110F, the “F” stands for “Family,” which means this model is all about introducing new riders to the sport in a fun, recreational family atmosphere.

For 2019 the CRF110F features an all-new steel twin-spar frame with technology that was originally engineered when developing the CRF Performance Line. This allows an additional 12mm of rear suspension travel and a 5mm increase in seat-foam thickness designed to improve rider comfort in a sitting or standing position without raising the overall seat height. 

The new CRF110F is actually lower and heavier than the previous year’s model. And, in theory, this could pose a problem on rocky or debris-filled trails, but we are okay with that, because the slightly lower seat height opens the bike up to more riders. The new, smaller grip diameter made it easier for riders with smaller hands to hold on with confidence, and larger riders didn’t really notice the change.  

The 2019 Honda CRF110F sells for $2399.

For 2019 Honda threw away the trusty old carburetor fuel-delivery system that has been on the recreation models for years, replacing it with a state-of-the-art Keihin electronic fuel-injection system again straight from the development engineers of the CRF Competition Line. This eliminates the need for jetting at any altitude or weather condition. This is a great addition that made starting the bike effortless at all times, but riders do need to pay attention to the fuel warning light now, because unlike in years past when the engine shuts off from lack of fuel, there is no petcock to switch over to reserve. 

The tank also holds slightly less fuel than last year’s model, but we didn’t experience any decrease in fuel mileage. In fact, we were impressed with how long a tank of gas lasted during testing. The SOHC, two-valve 109cc motor is otherwise identical to last year’s model, and that’s not a bad thing. 

The 2019 model still features an electric starter with kick backup, and the auto-clutch four-speed transmission that is great for teaching new riders or younger riders transitioning off a 50cc machine with an automatic transmission the concept of shifting without confusing them with learning clutch operations at the same time. 

The 2019 Honda CRF110F is a blast for a very wide range of skill levels, and all the updates made are only going to make it more popular in the future.          

NEW FOR 2019
• Steel twin-spar frame
• Keihin EFI system
• Increased rear suspension travel
• 5mm-thicker seat foam
• All-new styling
• 1-gallon steel gas tank with ratchet-style cap
• Smaller half-waffle grip
• Handlebar-mounted indicator light for fuel-injection system


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